/How to use syskey (Preboot Password)

How to use syskey (Preboot Password)

Video: How to use syskey (Preboot Password)


Hey Youtube, today I am here to show you an application for your Windows computer that will enable you to add even more security than you had before. So you might have the typical Windows login password that you type in when it comes up and you log in to your computer. What this application will do is it will actually add a dialog box before you even get to the login screen. So you have to enter a special password to get in. And this is great if you need more security, and if somebody steals your computer, they would have to replace the entire hard drive to even get into your computer. Everything is encrypted; all of your files are protected.

Now keep in mind 2 things. You need to be an administrator, and you also need to write this password down or keep it safe Because if you lose this, you're gonna have to buy a new hard drive, and all of your data will be lost. and I am not responsible; I am not the maker of this app, i'm just throwing this out there for anybody that would like a little extra security. (This works on Windows XP through Windows 10) So to do this, you're just going to hold down on your Windows key, and then your "R" key to initite the run box. and you're going to type in "syskey" just like this. No caps, no spaces. And then press "Enter". (Click yes when User Account Control comes up) And just click "Encryption Enabled", and click "update" here. And you can enter a password to start up. This is the password you need to write down, and you need to keep it safe.


I am warning you right now, if anything goes wrong and you forget your password, All of your data is gone. When you're done with this, just click "ok" (You don't get the confirmation Window unless you're resetting the password) Restart your computer, and the next time you're going to get a login box that completely encrypts your computer so if anybody takes it, they're not going to get anywhere near your personal information. CC by: Simplyou2be. Please like, comment, and subscribe if you enjoyed the video!.