/How to use Standard SIM in iPhone 6 Plus | make Nano SIM | metroPCS | T-Mobile

How to use Standard SIM in iPhone 6 Plus | make Nano SIM | metroPCS | T-Mobile

Video: How to use Standard SIM in iPhone 6 Plus | make Nano SIM | metroPCS | T-Mobile


hello everyone please welcome and join me easy steps today I'm going to share with you if you have your standard sim card and you are going to use any latest phone which it requires Micro SIM card or nano SIM card and now your existing sim card which is a standard sim card is out of business but if you watch my video you can utilize that same SIM card regardless of for what phone you are using you can make that the standard sim card to micro SIM card or you can convert that standard sim card to nano SIM card and how you can do that I can share with you right now I have iPhone 6 plus and I'm going to use MetroPCS sim card on my iPhone 6 plus and iPhone 6 plus uses nano SIM card so as you seen it's showing no SIM card installed I just took it out how we can do it let me share with you this is a standard SIM card which we have used for many many years and for the last two or three years since Android phones those came up with Micro SIM card and then iPhone four came and five came they started using the micro SIM card and this same card becomes obsolete it becomes obsolete but if you know how to do it you can save money you can make your standard SIM card to Micro SIM card or to nano SIM card you don't need a special tools or cutters to do it it's very simple you need one scissor which you can cut it and I'm sure every mom has one so what do we need to do as I have this one I can show you I'm using it for my iPhone 6-plus I cut it at the bottom try to cut as close as possible not to cut the circuit then cut it from the top on the middle this is the my SIM card number once we cut this one and if we see then you need to make a notch on the side and here do you see on the tray there is a notch so once we going to put it so then once you put it you need to figure out that if it's hitting a one end or other end you just try to cut it so once you cut it down then it should fit in the tray and now let's see it says no SIM card and now it's detecting yes metro pcs LTE it's already started so that's how you can use your existing SIM card standard SIM card to micro or nano in this case we made it in n no SIM card so I hope this tutorial will help you all to save some money don't throw away your old existing SIM cards you can make a use of it so thank you for watching if you like this one give me thumbs up like subscribe and share I'll see you soon thank you very much bye bye.

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