/💥How to Upload Longer Videos to Instagram Stories..FREE!

💥How to Upload Longer Videos to Instagram Stories..FREE!

Video: 💥How to Upload Longer Videos to Instagram Stories..FREE!


Welcome to the channel guys This is Victor fat ëthis now my channel is all about Affiliate marketing and how to make money online with affiliate marketing and other tips and tricks Now I want to be more of a presence on social media. So I decided I was gonna start being more active on Instagram But with my affiliate marketing business, sometimes I need to post longer videos than the 15 seconds that Instagram allows to your stories on Instagram, so In this video. I wanted to show you exactly how to do that and how to do that for free Okay now a few months ago I posted this video here on how to repost videos on Instagram and I tell you what It's probably one of my most viewed videos you can see it's got 92 thousand views.

I'm not a large channel I've got about 1,800 subscribers right now. So to have 92 thousand views is Incredible that's a viral video for my channel and I need to do more videos like this not just to get more views But to actually help Redirect my focus on social media on the other platforms. Not just YouTube and YouTube has been fantastic for me So again in this video, I'm gonna show you exactly how to do that step-by-step and it's easy It's simple and it's free but like I mentioned before I am an affiliate marketer and if you're interested in learning how to create a full time passive income I'm gonna leave a link down below in the comment section I'm gonna pin that comment to the very top on. My number one recommended program to start making a full time income online Right now so with that said let's jump into the computer so I can show you this easy easy way to start uploading Longer videos than 15 seconds that are allowed on Instagram onto Instagram at no charge to you coming right up Okay, guys, we're mirroring my phone right now on to my computer.

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Okay, so I'm going to show you exactly how to upload longer videos in 15 seconds and 15 seconds is the limit when you add a video to your story on Instagram and This is where I want to be able to add a longer videos So here's my Instagram page right here And if you look at my story right now I actually did this video earlier where I added a longer video It's like a minute and 49 seconds or so on my Instagram Page. Okay. So the first thing you're going to need to do is you're going to Download a free app and this is a really easy app to use guys and it's free So the first thing I wants you to do is go to your App Store. It's gonna be a free app It's really easy to use and you're gonna type in cut story For Instagram stories and it's the second one down here. Okay. So once that app is installed and again, it's a free app You're gonna open up the free app. Okay, and at the very bottom where it says video you're gonna click on the video button right there and you're gonna hit Okay, you want it you want to allow it to access your camera or your video? Because the video that you're shooting you're not gonna be shooting it through the Instagram video System you're gonna just shoot through your iPhone.

And this is the way this is gonna work so you shoot a video through your iPhone and then you're gonna use this cut story app to Upload it to your Instagram story line. So I'm gonna go to my Videos, let's see. What kind of video I have here. Remember its 15-second video so I'm gonna click this video of my car right here. Okay, so I did a quick video right here of this car Hey, there, it is So now what I want to do is I want to download it you hit the download button and You can select whatever social media Platform you want to send it to but in this case, I want to send it to Instagram and it's 15 seconds You can see it right there. I'm gonna click on Instagram. So what this is going to do is it's going to cut and Split up the videos into two 15 second increment Videos now if it were a minute long or a minute 20 second it would cut those up into three or four or five different As they were off they're all gonna be 15 seconds each.

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Okay, and Once you're done with that, you're gonna select the very first one right here. It says part one You're gonna click on the actual video icon right there It's gonna open up my Instagram automatically and then I'm gonna click on story at the very bottom Okay, and I'm gonna say it. I'm gonna click on my story Send to my story and you hit share Okay and hit done so if I were to click on my story Which is this icon on the very top of a picture of me there? It is now that's only a 15-second video that's not the entire video So what's gonna do is get out of the Instagram and go back to the cut story app and then click on part two Click on that you're gonna go to story And you're gonna go to your story Now if I click on my story icon up right here, there it is the full 28 second video Watch watch watch the video It's gonna skip to the next video that I opened up There it is And There you have it guys That was a 28 second video that I've uploaded to my story on Instagram and With this free app called cut story you can do that It doesn't have to be a 20 it can be a minute It could be a minute 40 if I could be three minutes, whatever you want.

You're just gonna have to repeat the steps Every six it's gonna slice it up into 15-second increment videos and then you're gonna stand you're gonna move step one by one upload each 15-second video and it will begin right after the next one ends using this free app really easy to use guys I wanted to show you exactly how I do this so now if I have a video about affiliate marketing or a Tip or a trick that I want to share with my Instagram family I can I don't have to worry about the length of the 15 second video limit that Instagram puts on all Videos that go on your story I can now use this app and start uploading Minute videos, two three four five minute videos, whatever I want and it'll all be on my story So really cool app guys. I wanted to share this information with my audience And it's a really really cool app. Like I said, please leave some comments down below If you found this video easy to follow I enjoyed making this video guys I hope you got some value out of this Content if you did smash the like button and don't forget to subscribe to the channel I appreciate the support that everybody's giving me and growing my youtube channel Leave all your comments down below.

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Like I said, and I'm looking forward to the next video guys. I will see on the other side.