/How to Unlock your iPhone SE for use with another Carrier Sim Card

How to Unlock your iPhone SE for use with another Carrier Sim Card

Video: How to Unlock your iPhone SE for use with another Carrier Sim Card


so we're going to start off by showing you what it looks like when I didn't seem quite that's working and he eventually not working the phones not so right now this because phone is locked to Rogers 4:30 and let's see what happens so we have here and we should start as the signal bars because obviously the phone is from reviews so with a rogers sim card is no problem usually takes a little time here to see there we go the top left hand corner we're starting to see the Rodgers and you can also verify that by going to setting general about their ego the network is displaying Rogers so now what we're going to do is we're going to insert a bell sim card to show you what it looks like when the phone is locked with a different service provider the bell sim card in there and wait for the device to detect these so the first message Activision fired and you go to the screen where it asks you to you select WiFi network that's card is not valid so this means that your phone is still locked is not really used with any network you want and eventually our goal is to factory unlock this iPhone messy with other devices Apple phones don't actually used to looking at where the cold and often network but I holds you need to get locked in the Apple server so in order to get your iPhone unlocked Apple server so you go the dollar's value press pound pound 15 digit IMEI number identification or you can also find a way to Settings General about once you have this 15 digit IMEI number you submit it to the Apple server and this couple weeks ago about it dryers service provider they generally charge about yourself in this case we're going to use that word on the exact same method that your service provider we use or if you take your phone to a mall and you know kiosk to use the same so it's 100 percent say it will not void your warranty officially factory unlocking it and wanted a lot so you don't want to look back up so let's go to the home page here model the phone is currently locked to the case the phone is locked to Rogers to get those very important user otherwise the chance you can be unlocked in somebody else's home double check your IMEI number twice before and Paige just confirming my my order I'll have to do now is just wait for cell marker to email us back with the unlocked so there's some information on the phone 03 so stay tuned to the end and we will let you know how to unlock iphone free saying that my order is complete and you like to go it only took about two and a half hours is fairly quick messaging my eyes and click on the link for Josh instructions here basically at the back end this thing that my phone is now unlocked sim card so yeltsin card that we which was not working but if all goes well the belt now work as the gaza card hard wired its cool down and we're gonna use cellular connection long time top corner Bell this is confirmed this by going to settings general network is now showing bout with before we started the bell sim card wasn't working so we're going to make a test call just that the phone is now back to leon lot and there we go yeah just call where what we gonna do now is just to show you that the phone is unlocked the other SIM card original iPhone was launched in 2001 now put that card it's working with both then so whether you insert card tells the card tmobile should now we're gonna see the yeltsin car to appear right Rogers network settings network is now showing Rogers network so this phone now works with choice test car and it seems to be working so the desire for nancy is now permanently factory unlocked and ready to be used area of your choice so we hope this tutorial helped you please like this video and you're interested in your iPhone 3 please subscribe to us and promotion at cellmark and let you know how you can do this great day.

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