/How To Turn on TalkBack, Android’s Screen Reader

How To Turn on TalkBack, Android’s Screen Reader

Video: How To Turn on TalkBack, Android’s Screen Reader


Hello, we've created a series of videos show you how you can customize the Wireless Emergency Alerting or WEA settings on your Android device so that it's optimized for your needs. WEA's are government issued emergency messages that appear as child abduction alerts, severe weather or civil emergencies or presidential alerts. This video will show you how to turn on TalkBack, Android's built-in screenreader for blind and low-vision users. Ennabling talkback will ensure that your device reads emergency alerts out loud.

Accessibility to emergency alerts is vitally important for people with disabilities. Let's show you how to turn it on! TalkBack is Android's gesture-based screenreader for users who are blind or have low vision. To turn it on first we go into the settings menu and scroll down to locate the accessibility settings. Once in accessibility our first feature on this list on the screen is TalkBack. Let's tap TalkBack. From here we use the toggle switch to turn TalkBack on or off. When we turn talkback on it asks us to verify that we want to do this. This is because TalkBack is a gesture-based feature and it will operate quite a bit differently than by using the touch screen in the normal way. You will have to learn two- and three-finger taps and swipes in order to operate it. Android offers a short tutorial on how to use TalkBack after it is first enabled that will teach you how to use it correctly. TalkBack offers a powerful screen reader solution for blind users and once enabled will ensure that any emergency alert notifications you receive will be read back to you.

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We hope this video showed you how to enable TalkBack on your Android device. Thank you for watching and be sure to watch our other videos in the series where we show you how to turn on other accessibility settings so there's emergency alerts are tailored to your needs. For more information on wireless emergency alerts please visit our website!.