/How To Turn On / Off Restricted Mode in NEW YouTube Studio 2019

How To Turn On / Off Restricted Mode in NEW YouTube Studio 2019

Video: How To Turn On / Off Restricted Mode in NEW YouTube Studio 2019


The YouTube restricted mode can hide some content from some people. If this affecting you or do you just want to check to see if maybe your content has been restricted / age restricted by everybody else and that you might need to dial it back. today I'm going to teach you how to turn on and off the YouTube restricted mode and show you why that's important, here we go. Hello and welcome back to another video. I'm Alan Spicer, your YouTube certified expert and if you're looking to start a YouTube channel, grow a YouTube channel, or put your brand out there on to second largest search engine on the internet, you should click Subscribe, start creating! YouTube has implemented in the last two three years very strict practices to hide adult content, hide inappropriate information, hide some things that just aren't advertiser friendly, and in some cases it can be a little bit strict dirty humor, profanity, or even games that include violence, shooting or just general gameplay.

In fact in some cases it's even deemed wrestling content to be non advertiser friendly and placed it behind some restricted filters. Okay so let's start on PewDiePie's channel right now. I have the restricted mode activated now. what does this mean? well if you scroll through his last videos you'll notice that although he posts daily, you can see videos from two days ago, five days ago, three weeks ago, three weeks ago, one month then a couple of months. Now that seems normal right? well if I turn off restricted mode, you will see that there's a few videos that have now reappeared. So the Jake Paul scam, and if you are this you'll notice these now posting daily again. 22 hours, 1 day, 2 days, 3 days, 4 days, 5 days…

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. What restricted mode does is hide videos that YouTube have deemed a bit dodgy. A bit risky. Maybe their demonetized, maybe they're not, or they just happen to have some keywords they're a bit sensitive wiith. So why would you do this? Well if your kids are in control of your computer, maybe I want to turn on restricted mode or you might want to check your old videos to see which video being hidden behind restrictions and then maybe tweak those videos to make them more user friendly in future. Now there's two ways of turning on restrictive mode. First of all you in this case you go to the top avatar here and in the bottom right hand corner your see restricted mode off. Click on there gives you the option to toggle it on and it will now reload the page for you. Once again we're now on this page you'll see that the scam videos disappeared again and the thanos video has disappeared again and a few of his video so that's the restricted mode on. If you go back up here and you click restricted mode on you'll also have the option to lock it on this browser.

What this means is that if you are a parent and you want it completely locked on this a no matter what right only 100% stuff like is family friendly won't be seen and then you can lock it on the browser. Now, for some of you that may be still stuck in the YouTube classic mode all you have to do is go to the dashboard and scroll down to the bottom and the options are down here. Language United Kingdom, restricted mode on, history, help. To get to age restricted mode you get the same kind of option you can even lock it directly or click off click Save and you are done. Use this tool to your advantage. If you're a parent use it to hide any content that you just don't want them to stumble across just yet. Or as a creator hit restricted, check out your videos, maybe dial back on the profanity, maybe dial back on the sensitive topics, maybe go back on a specific graphic gameplay. If it's behind the restricted filter it might affect your CPM so you might lose money or you might get less cost per click, per thousand views.


These are things that you need to consider if you're building a business going forward or are you willing to take that hit if it's something that's personal to you. You've now got a way to check filter and understand if you are being affected but if you are advertiser friendly and you want to get more views, than a playlist up here and of course for more YouTube tricks and tip tutorials, hit that subscribe button. Hit that notification icon so you're alerted every time I go live. Go out there, START CREATING!.