/How to Turn Off Notifications

How to Turn Off Notifications

Video: How to Turn Off Notifications


Wanted to take a moment to show you how you can adjust the notification settings on your phone to enjoy a little peace and quiet. With a KitKat phone, all you need to do is hit the volume button here on the side. You turn the volume down to vibrate, and then press one more time to silence the phone and completely stop notification noises. With a Lollipop phone, it’s a very similar thing. Hit the volume button on the side to turn it down to vibrate. You can hit the silence button with None. You’ll have the option to have that done indefinitely, for a set amount of time, or until your next alarm, and if you want to turn it back on right then and there, just hit All.

For those of you who use Google Hangouts, you can go to Hangouts and silence your notifications by going to the three bars in the top left corner and hitting Snooze notifications. You’ll have a few options here, and we’re going to go with four hours for now. For apps like Facebook, you can open the app itself, hit the three bars in the top right corner, scroll down to your app settings, and hit Notifications. You can turn off notifications altogether, or if you just want wall posts and comments on or off, you can toggle them here. Hope this helps with your notifications so you can enjoy a little bit of peace and quiet time..

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