/How To Take a Screenshot in Windows (easy mode)

How To Take a Screenshot in Windows (easy mode)

Video: How To Take a Screenshot in Windows (easy mode)


Hello my tiny terrors this is Jeff from CompuTerrors and today I'll be showing you how to take a screenshot of the desktop PC. There's two quick ways that you can do this they're both built into Windows the first way is just to hit the print screen button on the keyboard and this actually works for anything on the screen so it could be a web page it could be any program at all so I will just open a browser window and I'll just go somewhere quick.

We'll just do Invader Zim search have an image here for you so I'll just do one of Gir. Alright so now if I hit print screen on the keyboard what that does is it actually takes the entire screen and it puts it in the clipboard meaning you can paste it into any graphics editor so if I run paint and this will work with anything it doesn't just have to be paint. I just paste so I'm hitting CTRL-V or I can go up here and do it but I like to use shortcuts so CTRL-V is paste and there we go. So now we actually took a screen capture and now we have it in our paint program and can do whatever we want with it. Now if I minimize this and go into the other paint program I have paint.net it's the same thing CTRL-V which is paste and there it is. And you can see it took the entire screen so we've got the bottom bar the taskbar in Windows.

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And again this will work with anything so the other way the second method is to use the Snipping Tool and that again comes with Windows and I'll show you how to run that. Just type in snipping and you'll see it's the only one that comes up snipping tool. This is a little bit different in that you can take different parts of the screen or you can capture different parts so you can change this to free-form rectangular window which is just the active window the active program that you're running or full screen so we'll just do rectangular to show you how that works. So you click on new and now it will kind of put a haze over the entire screen and it'll show you just the part that you want so you left-click and hold and then drag the box to where the part of the screen that you want to capture and then let go and then it instantly takes a picture of just that part that you drew out. So now I can click on the little disk icon and I can save this wherever I want. I'll just put some random numbers in there on the desktop and now you wont see it because I'm actually hiding my icons for the video but that's all you have to do and now it saved this as a as a graphics file on the desktop. So those are two very quick methods that are built into Windows for taking a screenshot and again it will take a screenshot of anything that you have on the active desktop at the time.

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So that's it for today and make sure you subscribe to the videos and ask me for anything that you want to learn about. I definitely want to have more of a community feel and we'll see you next time bye bye..