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how to take a long screenshot with miui | Tech Mash

Video: how to take a long screenshot with miui | Tech Mash


so what's up guys I'm mash from Tech Mash and today I'm going to show you how you can take an long screen shot with MIUI you first of all let me show you that my device is running on miui you. we are going to about phone and as you can see my mobile in running a MIUI global 8.2 version so now let's take a screenshot I want to take a long screenshot so just go to facebook and here I want to screenshot of this group and Facebook okay so all you have to do is you have to swap with your three finger and it will take the screenshot and then here at the bottom you can see is scroll we have to tap on scroll and let's see here you can see now I am taking the long screenshot okay I just want to take it exactly like this and any question now I just took a long week I just hope you guys enjoyed this video if you do don't forget to Like comment and subscribe you know guys it is hard to make videos and absolutely we are not a big youtuber and we don't have many resources but I try to help you as much as possible so it will be a big help for me if you guys just subscribe so thanks for watching us see you next time.

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