/How To share Internet From Laptop To Mobile Without Router

How To share Internet From Laptop To Mobile Without Router

Video: How To share Internet From Laptop To Mobile Without Router


Hello viewers, Bulbul bigboss with you and today I'm going to show you how you can share internet from your PC or laptop to your mobile device or other device Okay, let's start. I am using Windows 10. That's why I'm searching here CMD and run command prompt as administrator right click on your mouse run as administrator and Then you have to write Command here, and I will be put the common in video description, so don't worry about it, so let's write the comment here I'm writing the command here Don't worry about the command. I will be put it in the video description, so you don't need to worry about it hosted network then mode mode should be allowed and Then the SSID theirs will be your Wi-Fi User basically, and then the key that will be the access password So this will be the password.

I am putting it here and then enter okay, it's okay and I'm going to check it Network setting then adapter option there should be a local area connection, but still there is nothing We have to Start it first. I am writing the command again to start it Wlan and then start Hosted network Okay it started now check yeah. There is local area connection and my Username is my Wi-Fi then I'm using broadband connection you have to go to the properties then sharing and already I use that I Am clearing it Go again properties Sharing this will be like that okay? Click here, and then select the local area connection and then okay Okay So This is fine this will be work let's check it Whatever it getting Internet or not and network sharing center that yeah my Wi-Fi and access type internet, so this is working. We have to check it In our mobile device or other device okay now check your mobile I'm checking here Wi-Fi and yeah My WIFI is here. I have to put the password remember my password was Bulbul One two three, I am putting it here Done it's connecting Okay, it's connected now, so I can use Wi-Fi in my mobile. I'm going to UC browser Going to google searching my name Okay, it's working the Internet is now available in my phone.

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You can try this If you face any kind of problem Don't forget to put comment under the video. I will be back to you This process will be work for you. Also if you face any kind of problem Don't forget to put the comment, please Subscribe my channel, I'll be back to you guys soon with another tutorials take care of yourself. Bye.