/How to save both | Simulacra (Part 1)

How to save both | Simulacra (Part 1)

Video: How to save both | Simulacra (Part 1)


Just tap any numbers (Crying) If you look into my eyes You can see it looking bad Can you see it? I just wanted to be happy My name is Anna, my name is… I don't want to,to,to,to,to,to take anyone else!!! Is Anna My name is Anna 2x It's too late for me My name is Anna Don't come find me Don't come Don't!!!! This gonna take a few seconds Hi! Um… This is video vlog number one I suppose to speak in my mind Whatever comes, no wrong answers Nobody gonna sees this so… Work has been pretty crazy lately and I just needed an.

.. Out lit of source This is suppose to be You are the one that went out of line Anna? *silent* this silent treatment *silent* Oh!!! *silent* It so much!!! I get it!! *silent* it! But I get it Get back to me when you ready I gonna give you a week Ok?! I wanna give you space (Static) Hello?? Who the hell is this?! Answer me!! Where did you get the phone?! Is Anna with you right now?! Are you ignoring me?! *silent*!!!!! Come on, not even a pity laugh? (Music) Hello?? Hello????? I know you there You picked up why aren't you answering?? This is serious ok Ahh!!! Say something!!! Answer: 1807 Sorry for bad video 🙁 Ashley is so adorable We are on the phone for hours and I only say like two words I like a good besty I said the entire thing I don't know what is it about her and guys But I do not like that with Greg Should I be? Maybe his been good to me I guess? Sorry last one real quick You sound a little off I'm just getting this feeling that there is something you're not telling me? I just want to remind you that You can tell me anything You know that right? No matter what I'll still be here Ok? Feel better soon Type:INVITE GUEST Type:Greg Summers I am you And you are I And we will never be I am so panic when this comes Enter your own name Hint: Jacksepticeye, it will actually make Jacksepticeye full name Enter your age.

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Hint: Type 20+ Enter your country. Hint: Chinese Ocean Choose experienced or new Choose Manual or Auto Choose Often or Occasional Choose Late or Early Enter your favorite smell. Hint: Poo Choose thigh or Ribs Tell your saddest moment in your life. Hint: Get pushed by Satan into a freakin big waterfall Choose Yes or No Choose Better or Worse Choose Yes or No Choose Date or Cause Choose Mind or Limbs Choose Floating Head or Headless Body Choose Sure or No Choose Agree or Decline Choose Next because there's no other choices Choose Finish because there's no other choices ArE YOu SaFE? YoU NeeDDD to TUne iT OUt yoU Must RESIST iT's wOrdS yOU aRE NoT AnnAaAa ShEE wILL bE GonNNe SoOOn FInD mE anD yOu wiLL fIND hEEErrrr From the office of it mission The anniversary has cutting it We have received your application is school better on science We have to inform you that you have not been short less ted Blah blah blah..

.. We thank you blah blah blah They didn't even say why!! And they have to take three months for this?! Hhhhhaaaa… Ah!!!! This is not helping!!.