/How to restore deleted contacts from your android device

How to restore deleted contacts from your android device

Video: How to restore deleted contacts from your android device


In case if you have deleted a particular contact from your Android device and if you want to retrieve back then let us see how to do it. So generally when you save a contact in your Android device then the contact will be automatically synced to the Google account. So whenever you delete a contact then you can always retrieve that contact from the Google account. For example if I go to settings here. If I go to accounts and backup and if I go to accounts and if I choose this gmail account and go to sync account you can see contact button is enabled. That means all of the contact which are present in this Android device is synced to this Gmail account.

So if I delete a contact then I can always restore the contacts from this gmail account within 30 days. Let me delete a contact at first. let me go to phone icon and let me delete a contact. From here I will delete this particular contact to delete this contact. I will tap on this eye icon and then I will select one. I would select this red dotted icons here and then delete delete. So now you cannot see this contact Azwan here. So if I want to retry this contact what I will do is I will open a Chrome browser here and then I have to open a site here called contacts.google.com. So once I open the contact I need to log in to my gmail account where I had synced the contact. I have already logged into my gmail account. This is the gmail account where I have signed and saved the contact. So once you log in what you do is we have this menu option here at the top tap on it. Go to more. Go to undo change.

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Now you have the option to undo the changes for the last ten minutes one hour yesterday one week or the past 30 days. So I will select for 10 minutes because I deleted this before – three minutes and then select confirm. Now you can see your contact list will be changed back to how it was on July 8-9 28:41. So now this is the contact Azwan which I had deleted. You can see it has again appeared in this gmail account here. So what I will do now then go back to this phone icon and I will go go to contact here. Now we can see this contact Azwan, It has reappeared in my Google account and this contact to appear in your Android device it may take some time. So this is how you can restore the deleted contact from your Android device. Thank you for watching this video. Please like and share this video if you found it helpful. Also click on the subscribe button and hit on the bell icon to get the notification of all our videos for free.