/How to Remove the Background Of an Image in Microsoft Word

How to Remove the Background Of an Image in Microsoft Word

Video: How to Remove the Background Of an Image in Microsoft Word


Hey how's it going today's tutorial will be helping you on how to make an image transparent in Microsoft Word all editions welcome back so some of Word users when it comes to inserting certain images sometimes you find images with the images with dark backgrounds which cannot be removed especially if they are on GP g extensions it will be difficult with the example as we have here so first of all we head on to insert onto pictures and take example answer some good examples of pictures you can find so sometimes it will be difficult to remove these backgrounds so if we select the start with the white so as you can see here we have white background which will be not be useful into our document as the background is blue and that's not what we want to have so don't worry it's so simple to do so you just add onto the top of color in here top of formal and select color plum color we had on to set transparent background or color click on it and next click on the background Ebola as you can see our picture now has become transparent fully transparent next we need to do some adjustment in order to make this picture easy to move we brought up make it as a background for our well-done great so this concerned a white background let's move on now to take an example of the dark black you have the same I don't and third pictures take this one great as you can see it will not be the color of the background do the same add on to color set transparent color and click on the background everyone everything has been removed let's make it now adjustable as a background for our picture for our text let's drag it to the bottom can adjust it great well the mission accomplished so now your document is far better than at the beginning hope that was helpful see you in coming tutorials for more tricks and hacks on how to use Microsoft Word and simplify your tasks keep doing it peace thank you for watching if you like this video do consider sharing it click on the like button and go ahead and leave us a comment below we'd love to hear from you and don't forget to subscribe to our Channel and the notifications bye for now see you next video.

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