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How to Redeem Groupon Vouchers

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As the launch of your campaign is around the corner, we want to make sure you and your staff know how to redeem vouchers. First, we will take a look at the different voucher views, so you and your staff know what to look for when a customer presents them to you. Then, we will talk about when you should be redeeming the Groupon. Afterward, we'll review three ways to mark your vouchers as used: in the Groupon Merchant Center, using the Groupon Merchant app, or using the Groupon customer app. Lastly, we will talk about why it is so important. Your customer is going to bring their voucher in one of two ways: as a printed piece of paper or on their Groupon mobile app. Let's look at both and talk about the differences.

On the paper voucher, you will want to locate the redemption code, as this is what you will be inputting into your merchant app or Merchant Center to redeem. On the mobile voucher, however, you will look for the voucher number. This is the same field as the redemption code, but it is labeled differently on the app. The paper voucher will also provide the customer with the fine print, redemption instructions, and your address—all on one page. The customer does have access to this information on the mobile version. However, it is on a screen they view before pulling up the voucher they will present to you. Keep this in mind if you need to reference the fine print on your deal with a customer who is looking at the mobile app. So, when should you redeem a voucher? You should mark a customer's voucher as redeemed upon providing your good or service to the customer.

Think of the voucher as payment, like a credit card. You want to obtain that payment at the same time you would receive payment from a full-paying customer. If your customer purchased a voucher that includes a multiple-visit package, such as six laser hair removal treatments, redeem the voucher on the first visit. Now, I'm sure you're eager to learn how to do this. The good news is, it's super easy. There are three ways to redeem a Groupon: via the Merchant Center, the merchant app, and the customer app. First, we'll show you how to redeem using the Merchant Center. Please go to merchants.groupon.com. At the login screen, enter your user name, which is your email address, and password. If you are unsure of this information, refer back to the "Next Steps for Your Groupon Campaign" email or click "Forgot My Password?" and follow the prompts to reset. Once logged in, locate and click the barcode icon in the upper right corner of your screen. You will see a pop-up window titled Online Redemption.

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There will be three blank fields: Redeem Groupon, Bill Total, and Tip. First, enter the redemption code, or voucher number if you're looking at a mobile voucher. If you are tracking bill total, enter the total amount of the bill before the Groupon discount. For example, if your voucher offers $12 for $20 worth of food and drinks and the customer's total bill before the discount is $37, you should enter $37. Our system is smart and knows that the redemption code carries a $20 value, so anything over $20 is overspend. It is important to note that we are only tracking this information for you. Entering a bill total and tip will not charge your customers. It is optional, but we do strongly recommend using this field as it is a wonderful way to track your overspend to gain a clearer picture of your return on investment for your campaign. After clicking the Bill Total and Tip, click Redeem.

If you enter the wrong bill total, simply enter the barcode, bill total, and tip again. It will override the first bill total and tip you entered. If you are redeeming an expired voucher, you will see a notice letting you know that the voucher has expired. The voucher still redeems, as the paid-for amount is still valid. If the voucher has already been used, you will see a notice that it is a used voucher. It will tell you the date at which it was originally redeemed. Keep in mind, customers with the mobile app may accidentally mark their voucher as redeemed through their app. So in most cases, this is why a voucher is already marked as used. If you suspect fraud, please reach out to your Groupon team. After your voucher has successfully been redeemed, you are done with this process. You may close the pop-up window if you have no additional vouchers to redeem. If you still need help, you can review this video at any time or take the tour in your Merchant Center to find the information you need.

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The redemption process is very similar on the Groupon Merchant app, you're just able to be more mobile. If you have not downloaded this app, you can find it in the App store or Google Play store by searching "Groupon Merchant." Everyone on your staff can use it at the same time, so we encourage you to have your employees download it too. Tap on the Groupon Merchant app icon on your mobile device. Log in using the exact same credentials you used to access the Merchant Center from your computer. The app will only require you to log in once and then it will save your login information. Many merchants like this because it's one less step in the process. Toward the top of your app screen, you will see the word Redeem. Click this word. On the next screen, you will notice that you are looking through your mobile device's viewfinder. Follow the instructions on the bottom of the screen and align the barcode in the box to scan and redeem the voucher.

The app will allow you to scan both a paper voucher and a mobile voucher. When the barcode is recognized by the scanner, the device will vibrate and you will be prompted to enter the bill total and tip as you were in the Merchant Center. If you are using the iPhone version, you will have the ability to enter just the overspend rather than the total bill. Be mindful of the settings when entering this number. You will receive the same notifications as you will receive in the Merchant Center too. Once it is successfully redeemed, you are good to go. If you are having difficulties scanning the voucher with the app, you can enter in the voucher number manually. On the screen with the viewfinder, locate and select the keyboard icon. This will bring you to a new screen where you can manually enter in the code. After entering the code, you will see the same prompts for bill total and tip. Complete and mark as redeemed. If you wish to toggle back to the viewfinder screen, you can locate and select the camera icon in the upper right corner.

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There is one final way you can redeem a voucher if the customer brings you a mobile voucher. It is directly through the customer's phone. As you might recall, there is a green bar that lives at the bottom of the mobile voucher labeled "Mark as Redeemed." You can do just that by clicking on this button. Instead of asking you for a bill total and tip to track, the next step in this process is to confirm that you really want to mark this as redeemed. To complete this process, choose "I'm Sure." While this process is extremely easy, it does not allow you to track your bill total and tip. If you choose to use this option, be sure your POS system will allow you to track this information. Your POS provider will be able to assist you with the setup if you're unsure.

So why is redeeming important? Well, there are a few benefits to redeeming a voucher: 1) Redeeming marks the voucher as used so the customer is not able to use it again or give it to a friend for them to use again. 2) It ensures you're being paid correctly. Redeeming your voucher is how you communicate to Groupon that your customer has used the voucher he or she purchased. This means, if the customer calls our Customer Support team to refund the voucher, our team will be able to see if they have visited your business yet. And 3) It allows you to obtain customer feedback and re-engage your new customer. Each time you redeem a voucher, Groupon sends a survey to that customer asking if they would recommend your business to a friend. After submitting their answer, the customer can then leave you feedback about the experience.

Some customers will even opt-in to receive a response from you. This is an amazing opportunity to invite them back to your business and tell them about upcoming offers or specials. Also, as the feedback can only come from customers who've experienced your business, it is a great way to gain insight into your customers' true experience. Now you have three ways to redeem your customers' vouchers: in the Merchant Center, the Groupon Merchant app, and the Groupon customer app. Figure out which system works best for you or use a couple. Should you need further assistance, always reach out to your Groupon contact. Happy redeeming!.