/*HOW TO* Pokemon GO Hack SPOOFER + JOYSTICK ✅ Pokémon GO Spoofing EASY Tutorial iOS \u0026 Android

*HOW TO* Pokemon GO Hack SPOOFER + JOYSTICK ✅ Pokémon GO Spoofing EASY Tutorial iOS \u0026 Android

Video: *HOW TO* Pokemon GO Hack SPOOFER + JOYSTICK ✅ Pokémon GO Spoofing EASY Tutorial iOS \u0026 Android


pokemon go hack 2019 pokemon go spoofer pokemn go joystick Hey guys, welcome back to my channel. Bye guys in today's video. I assure you this awesome Pokemon Google hacker My guys this Pokemon go hack has been released before by myself, and it's getting patched But I have a luckily received a new update for it pokemon gohack So guys first of all as you can see, I'm on Pokemon goo right here. I'm not sure where I am at the moment Let's find out and see. Okay, so I'm currently in right now I'm currently in I Don't even know where I'm in the middle of like China or something Yun Chao, oh well let's travel to London So guys every once you are on this game, I think see this trouble tab right here And I can teleport So here's one side on this up. I have the option to teleport and I have the option to play this game properly So I think see it like I can in the middle on the right though.

There is currently no Pokemon around me There might not be but I think see there are other things like this gym right here are pretty sure this would be M gym And guys, what you can do is use the gym Ozzy all know how to play this game But as you can see I have the joystick guys and I have the teleportation option That's just teleport up the stream as you can see guys. I can't teleport My guyz, this hack is insanely awesome. And it comes free once you download my version of it So guys what you want to do is make sure you done it correctly. So, let's go ahead and start the video So guys what you all do is head over to Safari. You know what Safari is guys? So once you're here you want to go to this link right here? It's had gue thought up hikes Qu4 polk gu + + hi guys it make sure you have this at Lincoln very correctly or a frank army just correctly because it will not work if you don't get it correctly, so Guys, let me just get rid of the notification. It's good at hugs dokku for size and poco.

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Cos pause I'll give you a few seconds at end on him Okay, guys So want you to have any quick go please bear in mind guys are doing this on iOS IPhone you want to do on Safari if you're doing on Droog agent You're on any device you want but what you want to do is click a lie guys now once you click this Go on to your settings then once run settings guys Please go to general go through background app refresh and make sure background out refresh his on Okay, I want to do this guys good auntie profiles in device management Click on put them on Google+ plus and install it Okay, my password was wrong Okay, so once do this click next install install I'm done Now guys, once you this pokemon cool clothes clothes will be installed on your device now Which one will do now is launched it guys.

I'm once you launch it You want to go on to get started and start the injection? So guys once you get to this screen right here What you want do is download to your abs whichever ones come first on your string? So as you can see, there's two ones right here let's open the apps around unloaded my Guys, there is another off here, but I have not been finding on the App Store very easily recently So let's just trying to find everything finder So war machines 3d tank, so that's just even find it Okay, so you can see I cannot find it That's okay. Oh Well what you want to you guys once you download the first app you want to click on like this Now guys, I'm gonna tell you this at nine I tell ya I gotta tell you in all my videos What you wanna make? Sure guys is you want to make sure you sit here for 30 seconds or more if you sit here for 29 seconds It will not work. So you're probably see for cutting to 35 and then leaving the app and going out in the second one So guys once you sit here for 35 seconds You want to close this up like this? Know you're you guys are gonna be done learning to apps but I come because I cannot define the other one But once you guys download two apps you want to make sure you put you run them both 30 35 seconds guys or else this Hike will not work.

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It's very very simple guys You just have to understand that that it will not work unless you sit here for 35 seconds or more Now guys, I'm just going to tell you this one last time. Do you not sit here for 29 seconds? It will not work reach your own this app for 30 seconds or longer. Okay, guys, that is it So once you do that guys, I want you to get correctly You want to go back on the Pokemon Google+ plus my guys want to do this? There's gonna be a download button on right here My guys once you click the download button You will have you'll have this game downloaded on your device and you be able to play it for free All I have to do you guys once you download it and sign into the game and find that's it guys It's very very simple as you can see you get access to all these cool features on my screen right now as you can see I can teleport anywhere guys teleport walk copy coordinate all they said So as you can see you guys have just teleported here. Absolutely free With no contest whatsoever on the as you can see the joystick works perfectly 100% Family guys, that is how you hack Pokemon go win 2019 for completely free.

I hope you enjoyed this real video It's very very realized. But anyway, I hope to see you all in the next video. Peace. Eh, I'll subscribe to the channel.