/How To Pickup A Girl Even If She Blocked You On Social Media

How To Pickup A Girl Even If She Blocked You On Social Media

Video: How To Pickup A Girl Even If She Blocked You On Social Media


Tripp Kramer here from www.trippadvice.com. What if you're in a situation where a girl blocks you on social media? She blocks you on Instagram, on Facebook, maybe even off of social media. She completely blocks your phone number. Maybe you guys are on Twitter Snapchat and you don't see her anymore so you know you're out of the picture. What do you do? The first thing you have to ask yourself and you gotta be honest is why did she do this? Why did she block you? Why is it that she doesn't want to speak to you? Maybe you know, maybe you actually did something specific and you know what caused it. Maybe you're just like "I have no idea.

" Maybe you went through a breakup and you know she's trying to get over you so she's pushing you away. You got to figure out why it is that you did something like this? Because when you have that information, I hope that you can fix it for future situations if you know it's something that you did wrong. Or you should know this information because you might end up getting her back in the future and you don't repeat the same mistakes. Figure that out. In all reality what I'd like to tell you to do (which I'm going to right now) is that I don't want you to ever speak to this person again. I really don't. I want to take a second here to try to convince you that you do not need someone in your life who doesn't want you in there. I'll say that again. You don't want someone in your life that doesn't want you in theirs. We're talking about this situation where a girl has completely disregarded you.

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Here's the thing; when she goes to that point of blocking you, there is pretty much nothing that you can say or do in that moment or in the near of near future that's gonna change her mind. It's a pretty drastic move for her to block you like that. Trying to get a hold of her more is just going to push you away. Trying to contact her, going to her house, people will go to extreme lengths to be like well she blocked me and all these things. I need to find her. This gets creepy and weird okay. There's nothing you're gonna do. She is saying to herself "I don't want this person to talk to me at all" and so you shouldn't. This is like the last straw here. If you ever want to get her back and you want her back in the picture, you need to wait six months minimum to try to even contact her again. You might be thinking"how do I do that if she already blocked me" and she's still blocking. Check and see if you're still blocked, if you're not, contact her.

If you're still blocked, maybe you're just blocked on social media but you can still text her, shoot her a text. It's very situation dependent in terms of what you're going to say to her but I'll give you some kind of general guidelines of what you could do. If it's been six months, and again this is a hard fast rule. Like no earlier than six months because you got to give her time to get over whatever it is she need to get over for the reason why she blocked you. Hopefully in those six months you realize that this is not someone you want to be with and you've moved on and you've been with someone else or you're gonna be with someone else or you're just out there dating. Whatever. Six months is a long time to just sit there and wait but that comes about, okay so be it, here we are. You're gonna send her a text or send her or something on the unblock part of wherever you guys can communicate and you're gonna ask her "hey I know it's been awhile but I want to see how you're doing.

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" Maybe even add something in there like "things with me have been awesome." You want to try to stay a little bit more positive on the positive end of things so it's not like this negative person who's coming back in her life because people don't really want to be surrounded by a lot of negativity. That's gonna be the way you're gonna do it. That's how you're gonna do it. It's all about time. This person who blocked you needs that time so you got to give it to them and hopefully you understand by now that it's a blessing in disguise. Hopefully what has happened is in those six months, you've worked on improving yourself and developing yourself into a better person, if it so happened to be that you did something so wrong and that's why I should blocked you and you've just moved on and you've grown and you're in a new part of your life. That's what I think is the most important and that's hopefully where you ended up. Maybe one of the reasons why you screwed up is because you were too needy which completely turns women off. If that is the case, I have a video for you. It's in the description. It's another YouTube video about how to recover from a situation where you were needy.

How to get a girl back after you've been needy. It's a great video and you should watch that to continue your education here and as always, I'll see in the comments. Let's talk down there. I want to hear your story about a girl who's blocked you on social media. Write it down below. I'll see you on the next video. If you're having trouble meeting hot women in your town and getting them interested in you then listen up. I have an undetectable way of getting girls instantly attracted to you even if you're ugly, broke and live at home with your parents. This system has worked for thousands of guys and it can work for you too. I teach it in my program called Hooked where you'll also learn two behaviors most men do that instantly destroys any attraction, my 3-step friendzone escape plan to reset her feelings for you and get her liking you, 30 different pre-written text to send a girl that make her wanna meet up with you and how to have unshakable confidence so you can approach any beautiful woman in any place. If you want to learn this and how to get women hooked on you then go to www.getherhooked.

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com. Again that's www.getherhooked.com..