/How to pair a PS4 DualShock 4 controller with an iPhone or iPad

How to pair a PS4 DualShock 4 controller with an iPhone or iPad

Video: How to pair a PS4 DualShock 4 controller with an iPhone or iPad


so with iOS 13 you can finally play iOS games with your playstation 2 a shot for controller and it's really easy to set up and we're gonna show you how to do it so to set this up you're gonna need a OS 13 are gonna need iPad OS 13 if you're on an iPad and at the moment that means you're gonna need to be on the beta which is a little buggy right now aside from that you simply need a Sony DualShock for wireless controller need to have it charged and fortunately that's all you need any Sony DualShock for wireless controller should work with it so to set it up first you're going to go to the Settings app and then you're going to go to bluetooth and then you're going to make sure that this green light is toggled on if it's not make sure it's on because otherwise your Bluetooth isn't on so you're gonna put that down and then you're gonna grab your DualShock 4 controller make sure that it's charged then you're going to hit the PlayStation button and the share button at the same time and you're gonna hold them down for about four seconds if it's trying to pair the light should start flashing like this so over on your phone you're going to see under other devices dual shot for a wireless controller press it and immediately your controller should connect and you can tell if it's connected but if you're looking at the controller and seeing if it has this pink light on there if it is you're good to go and you're set to play any game that supports the MFI controllers to disconnect it because otherwise I'm just gonna stay on the whole time open your control center and then go to the bluetooth menu here and then you will hold this where it says Bluetooth DualShock for wireless controller hold that you'll see dual shot for wireless controller and the option press it and it will immediately disconnect as you can see it's no longer active if you want to unpair it completely which is probably a good idea if you're going on a trip and you don't want it to actually turn on in your bag just go back to the bluetooth menu hit this little I button right here and put forget this device it is now unpaired and as you saw if you want to pair it again it's a super simple process.

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