/How to Migrate Palm Desktop to DejaOffice Personal CRM

How to Migrate Palm Desktop to DejaOffice Personal CRM

Video: How to Migrate Palm Desktop to DejaOffice Personal CRM


Today we are going to migrate our data from Palm Desktop to DejaOffice PC CRM. DejaOffice has all the features of Palm Desktop. It has Contacts, Calendar, Tasks and Notes; Expenses and Categories; Private Records and custom fields. It is fully compatible with Windows 10. DejaOffice can import from Palm Desktop 4 and Palm Desktop 6 data files. I'm starting out with all my data in Palm Desktop. I have my contacts, calendar, tasks, and notes. I have just downloaded DejaOffice from the CompanionLink website, and would like to move my data to it. So I'm going to click on Settings, and the on Sync Settings in the list.

I'll set my PC data source to Palm Desktop. Right now we are focused on the import, so I will not add a Device at this time, but DejaOffice can sync to Android and iPhone. See our videos for instructions on how to set that up. I'm going to click on the Settings button, below, because I want to make sure the right Palm Desktop user is selected. Click on the User ID tab, and choose your Palm Desktop username, if you don't already see it there. It looks like mine is already set. So we'll click OK, and then Sync Now. Once the sync completes, I have all my Palm Desktop data in DejaOffice PC CRM. This is the Contact List. This is the Calendar. This is the Task List. This is the Notepad. Also, DejaOffice lots of features that never existed in Palm Desktop. Categories have colors. I can set emojis for my calendar events. I can encrypt my database for higher level of security. And there are automatic backups.

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We'll secure my data by making a local backup once per week. One more thing: Once migrated, you do not need sync to Palm Desktop anymore, so I'm going back to Sync Settings to turn off sync. Click the like button below and subscribe to our channel. Thanks for watching..