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How to make a vision board on your phone

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hi this is Eyvette from my world of metaphysics bringing you another law of attraction metaphysical lesson from the girl-next-door today I want to speak to you about how to make a vision board on your phone yes how to make a vision board on your phone this is using your iPhone your galaxy or any other smartphone that you have by downloading pictures from your phone on to your phone that you can use to make a collage to make a vision board on your phone the collages that I use are found in the App Store on your phone or you can use other stores that have App Store that have collages available to be downloaded by using your phone for your vision board this is something that you will have on you every day every hour and it can be used to visualize everything that you are desiring to manifest in your life so stay tuned and watch this video till the end hi YouTube followers I'm back I want to show you exactly on my phone what my phone looks like and I want to take you into my apps and here you see the picture collage okay we're gonna press on that and then we have a collection of my pictures and we're gonna take that we're gonna press that and it's now giving you a whole bunch of the pictures that I picked out now at the bottom here you can pick whatever style you want for your pictures is see you here it shows you all different types of styles you can use for your picture collage to take a quick peek and see which one you like better so you it's like you're making your own vision board and you have many options to take to make let's just pick one and let's get going let's use this one right here it looks nice it looks clean so now the first thing you want to do once you pick once you picked out all of your pictures and once you went on and actually chose a vision board actual board at once you moved on and chose a board to use you then can touch it and you can rearrange the pictures the way you want to rearrange them now like I said for most of my vision boards I am I am funny I like to always have a little bit of everything I always put myself as the center of things so let's just say we're going to do it this way you get the hint right we can move things around you can actually background you can do all different things if you want to we don't want to do that let's go out back to the layout you can change the layout anyway you want to change it you understand what I'm saying you could do multiple things with this once you have a clipboard and you want to make the vision board when your phone so let's stick okay we'll use that okay and um again you can size it you can make it what it it's unlimited what you can do with this app okay so once you created your vision board and you like it and you're saying okay this is nice now what I'm showing you and what you should focus on on your own vision board it should be any cars any houses any money any success you want in your life any trips you might want to take listen people you also want to have happiness with whatever you do you want to have happiness so include family friends trips your home what do you want it to be maybe some children um maybe you can put pictures of people being happy as a family all of these things should actually be on your vision board now you want to make sure maybe you want to look into a little Feng shui and it can actually tell you where you actually will be placing everything on your vision things that you want in your life so now after this is done we're going to save it okay and we're going to save it to our library okay now we're going to click off and we're going to go into our pictures and walah here we have a vision board people very simple very quick we just created our own vision board now what I usually do I usually blow it up to get rid of all that other unnecessary stuff and I snapshot it okay then if you want to you can go into your settings and we can go down to wallpaper and we can see this is my old vision board here okay I don't want to change my vision board but just for the I don't want to change my vision board right now so let's just do let's just do this one okay and we're going to choose a wallpaper camera roll here we go now with that and we're going to find that vision board we just made and we're going to save it we're going to save it to home screen I think I hope I did it right all about anyways my vision board and then we're going to and there we go there we go we have our vision board listed on our phone now what I would do is that see this vision board I basically would have placed it I would have basically placed it on the other screen where it's the lock screen I would have left it there because that way I always see it now this right here is not my lock screen but I didn't want to erase my previous vision board so this right here was just a sample of collection of pictures that I just had that I just made a quick vision board for you so that you can see how to go about it so listen this is event from my world of metaphysics bringing you another law of attraction metaphysical lesson from The Girl Next Door today we spoke about how to make a vision board on your iPhone or your Android but we spoke about how to make a vision board so that you can look at it every single day every single hour every time you pick up your phone you can see all of your hopes and inspirations right there in the palm of your hand without even thinking twice again this is Eyvette if you like this video please like it .

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