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How to Make a Strong Password. Security Life Hacks

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How to make a strong password yeah so I just got the phone with IT it looks like they got your login credential set up your login ID is actually going to be the first initial and your last name and then your password should just be new user 1 if you look up there in that corner and click on the blue icon that should get you to where you need to go to change that this one yeah that one right there so you said new user 1 yeah new user 1 that's all lowercase it'll be one word and actually type in just the numerical value of one don't spell it out yeah see right there where it's asking you for a new password that's where you need to put it and you'll also want to make sure that with that password do you hear that you know what I think my phone is actually ringing yeah I'll be right back go ahead and just see if you can settle on a password and I'll check back with you in a second what do you say your rookie how's your first day going pretty good I'm trying to come up with a new password well don't sweat it too much it's just a password something that makes it harder for you to do your job you're right passwords are annoying yeah just pick the easiest thing to tide I got it how about a SDF JKL semicolon yeah see if it'll take it uh it says password must contain at least one letter in one number oh I forgot you didn't a number in there wouldn't it be funny if my password was password like password 1 2 3 or something sounds good to me okay I'll try negative you do not want to do that I don't think we've met I'm just a concerned employee we got this covered Thanks no you really don't password 1 to 3 is the worst password you could possibly have literally that's the first password a hacker would attempt don't listen to mr.

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overachiever who's going to want to hack into your stuff anyway what are the odds that it ever happens it's not our job to assess risk our job is to come up with good passwords and good passwords or at least eight characters preferably closer to 15 it has a mix of letters and numbers or symbols I think my facebook password fits the criteria how about I use it for this password there's an idea and it's a bad idea if someone gets your Facebook password which believe me isn't that unlikely they're going to try it on all your logins okay how about security three two one well it's a step in the right direction it's good enough I guess it is what it is there are two problems with security three-two-one first three to one or consecutive numbers you'll want to avoid patterns you want randomness second security is an intact word hackers have programs that can try every word with every variation from the dictionary so you'll want to break up the word as much as possible ain't nobody got time for that you're being paid for your time all employees have a fiduciary responsibility to their employer what does that mean fiduciary duty sounds disgusting it means you're supposed to protect and take care of the bank's assets as if they were your own in this case you're trying to protect the bank's information now you could pick a password that's easy for you but being a good employee is not about doing the easy thing it's about doing what's best for the bank I understand how about this as a password capital in 9sl il-4 w3 6vm 7lq okay superstar I know a lost cause when I see one I like your spirit but are you gonna be able to remember all that hmm probably not I think I'll just write it down and that way I don't even have to remember it another bad idea writing down your passwords I think would be better off if you used a simpler password that you can remember okay I'll use my favorite pet's name password bellow one you know as in fellas number one remember what I said about how easy Facebook is to hack you probably wouldn't need to hack someone's Facebook to know the name of their favorite pet in general don't use personal information that can be gleaned off your social media okay and you said no words from the dictionary right no words that can be found intact in the dictionary it's okay if you alter them with letters as well as special symbols like how Oh for example if you wanted your password to be hard worker you could replace the a with the @ symbol the O with a zero and the e with a three oh I get it so with security as my password I could make the S into a dollar sign and the e into a three exactly now if you wanted to take it to the next level you could use a sentence or an acronym instead of a word can you give me an example alright my favorite holiday is Christmas as an acronym that could be mfh I 1 2 2 5 okay what about sentences I hate mondays as a password you could turn that into I h8 m 0 in d @ ys gotcha so you're saying a good password is at least 8 characters long nothing obvious like the word password itself it should have a mix of letters numbers and special care oh yeah and special characters avoids patterns like 1 2 3 or 3 2 1 doesn't contain personal information that can be found on Facebook or any other social media yeah right right or any an altered word that can be found in the dictionary and its best when it says sentence or acronym you got it so good news I think I finally thought of a great password it does I do not want to know your password the last rule of good passwords it is don't share your password with anyone are you guys still going at it it's just a password nope we're finished here good did you settle on my password is too crazy to remember 6 8 2 4 7 31 you will never know you read good luck sure you buying not likely good luck rookie see you after lunch I had bad guys sorry that took so long I wasn't expecting that phone call but I really had to grab it do need help with your password did you figure something out.

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