/How To Install Tik Tok App On Windows 10 Pc-2019

How To Install Tik Tok App On Windows 10 Pc-2019

Video: How To Install Tik Tok App On Windows 10 Pc-2019


Hello what's up guys and welcome back to my youtube channel "Teconz". Today I will show you how to use your favourite application tik tok in your Windows 10 Pc. In 2018 is the best year, because during this year lots of entertainment applications are released,especially for tik tok and people's are only know this tik tok is only available for android and Ios devices, but it is wrong this tik- tok is also works on all windows 10 Pc. But other windows users don't worry about it so you can also get this tik tok application after installing the one application name is called "BlueStacks".

So once you install this application and then it ask for your Google Account informations, so just login this application, once the login process is completed now it has the Google Play Store, so by using this Google Play Store you can easily get the tik tok application and this is for other windows users. But if you are a windows 10 user, just follow my steps. Here you can see this is my Windows 10 home based operating system, so let's go to our tutorial. First of all I try to open my Microsoft Store application, and windows 10 users are very lucky, because you can install any applications by using this Microsoft Store. In this section in almost top of right side it has the one search tool settings, so just click to open it. Here you can type tik tok and then hit to enter, then it shows some search results but you can go to "Apps" section Finally I get this tik tok application and this application is free of cost, so no problem.

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But one thing remember it, this Microsoft Store ask for your Microsoft account details, so here you can see this application size is approximately 27.23 megabytes, so I try to install it. My application is starts to downloading… so you can wait for sometime. Once the installation is completed, now I try to open this tik tok Finally here you can see my tik tok application is ready to use, but if you want to access your friend profile, it ask for sign up process. Finally this method works very smoothly, so this is the way you can easily install the tik tok application for your Windows 10 Pc. For more tech videos you can subscribe my beautiful tech channel "Teconz" and thanks for watching….