/How to install iOS 12 on iPhone

How to install iOS 12 on iPhone

Video: How to install iOS 12 on iPhone


Hello Friends I John Deven Welcomes you at Apple India Tech. Today We will learn how to install iOS 11 Public beta on iPhone. First of all open Safari in iPhone. And open www.beta.apple.com website. After this you will get an option on this site of Apple Beta Software Program. Read it carefully and you can get the other information related to program here Before installing the software we have to sign up for the program. And you can sign up from this website. For this we need an Apple ID which we use for iCloud. After this we will get information page of Public Beta of macOS, watchOS , tvOS and iOS. From upside bar you will find an Enrol you device. You have to select it and this will drop you an a new page of Beta Profiles.

From where you have to download a profile for iPhone. It will make your iPhone eligible for iOS beta program. And type your iPhone password used for unlocking your iPhone. We normally accepts the t&c without reading, but I will suggest you read all the t&c. And restart your iPhone. Friends before downloading and installing iOS beta software don't forget to take back up of your device and Archive this back up. Otherwise you will not be able to downgrade it as it is a bet program it is very important to have a backup of your device. As you can see I have installed the profile in my iPhone and you can check it from settings with iOS beta software profile You will be able to find different certificates for the program. And in software update section you will find a update available for iOS 11 Public Beta. It's download storage is around 1.9GB If you like this video please like it and subscribe our YouTube Channel If you want to suggest anything please comment below. Thanks for watching Apple India Tech..

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