/How to Install Heads Up Display in Your Car

How to Install Heads Up Display in Your Car

Video: How to Install Heads Up Display in Your Car


one, two, three, four! Rev up your engines! It's time for the Scotty Kilmer Channel did you ever want one of these heads-up display units in your car, like they use in fighter jets, well if you did, today's your lucky day, because I'm going to show you how easy it is to install one in your car, now this particular one is called head-up display car and I got the unit from Amazon, it was a whopping forty nine dollars and just get the end of the units plug, go down to your obd2 port, plug it in, that's it, so to work on any car that's 1996 or newer its obd2 they all are made that way, that are sold in the United States at least, then you mount it wherever you want, so you can get the readout whatever position you want on the glass, the kit comes with a sticky pad that you put on, but that on later, first put it where you want it and then when you like it there, you put the sticky pad on so it stays in place, and if you want it comes with this reflective sheet, that you can stick up here on the windshield, so it's brighter but I personally find that to be a little bit annoying, so I just used the windshield and read it off there, because the unit itself has this little sensor it measures how strong the sunlight is, so in broad daylight it'll make the unit brighter, so you can see it better, then you just drive around and the unit starts working, now I do have to admit, I initially had a problem with the unit, when I drove it first it was set on kilometres instead of miles, so I had to set it back to miles and although the directions for the unit said, easy switching back from miles to kilometers, it wasn't that easy at all and that's because the directions in the box were horrendous, as we all know it's bad enough when a computer tech guy writes a manual, but in this case it was a Chinese computer tech guy, writing in English and half the time, it didn't even make any sense, but I don't give up easy, so I googled it on YouTube, I just put in car head-up display and up popped the video that explains how to set the whole thing, the unboxing and the stalling this head-up display it's a 14 minute long video, that explains how to set the whole thing, once I watch that video, I was able to change from kilometers to miles and do everything that it claimed it could do, but without that video, believe me you will be completely lost, and perhaps the funniest thing is, I wrote an Amazon saying I had a hard time switching this, how can it be done, then they responded and said thanks for your feedback and said our technical man told him that products don't have this function, if you have other questions contact me, so Idon't try to go to them to get answers, watch that video, that the other guy made, it explains how it works and it does work quite well, once you figure out how to program it, you can program to show any of these things, vehicle speed, engine, water temperature, battery voltage, fuel consumption, mileage measurements, shift reminding, fatigue reminding, low voltage alarm, all kinds of stuff, if you're into racing around you, can program it so the big dial shows just the RPMs just like a real race car, they don't care about the speed, all they care about is the RPM and the engine and what gear they're in and if you wonder how this little thing can do all that, basically all that's doing is plugging into the data port and getting the data that the computer in your car already has, then it shows the data up on your windscreen, so you can read it while you drive, I have to admit it's a pretty cool device, once you figure out how to program the thing, so if you were thinking about getting one of these heads-up displays, why not I try this one out, for 49 bucks you can have a lot of fun and it actually is a good safety feature, not that you're going to be shooting down any enemy planes in your car and remember if you got any car questions just visit the Scotty Kilmer channel before it's too late.