/How to install Code Blocks dark theme😍 I Bangla tutorial 💯 with ENGLISH subtitles😉

How to install Code Blocks dark theme😍 I Bangla tutorial 💯 with ENGLISH subtitles😉

Video: How to install Code Blocks dark theme😍 I Bangla tutorial 💯 with ENGLISH subtitles😉


Hello, viwers Assalamualaikum. Hope all of you are well Today we will learn how to apply or add the dark theme or any customized theme on CODEBLOCKS As we all know the default theme provided in codeblocks is white or light But the white theme does not provide a professional or premier looks If we apply the dark theme It will provide a professional look. we know professional coders use dark theme So today i will show you How to add dark theme in CodeBlocks So, lets see how the dark theme looks like So, we go to "editor" then "syntax highlighting" then we can see different types of dark themes they provide attractive and professional look But look at the white theme it looks so simple and naive whereas dark theme is so premium So, stay tuned guys , i'm coming back after intro So, welcome back viewers Now we see how to add dark theme first open the codeblocks we go to settings then click editor then click " syntax highlighting " then we can see we have no themes only the default installed theme so we close the app and refresh several times in the description i provided a link .

go there and download the necessary file you have to download the file called "customized theme" it is zipped you have to unzip it then follow the next steps If you have installed codeblocks in the windows drive or C drive then go to windows options and search for codeblocks you will see codeblocks share config then click there a window will pop up called "codeblocks share config" don't worry if you haven't installed CB in C drive no problem then go to the folder where you have installed it then open code blocks finally you will find "codeblocks share config" so right click it and click "run as administrator" so you can see the window we saw previously so now our task is to add source file or the file contained themes so we will now add the source file so go to the folder you have installed the file i provided then select "theme.config" and click open now you can see all the themes are added to the system now you select all the themes on the checkbox so all of the themes are tick marked now we will go to the default theme file so click the destination file browsing button go to the drive you containing windows then go to users then click the folder having the name of the company then click appdata then click roaming then you will see a folder named codeblocks go inside and you will see default .

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conf the file containing theme click and open it so you can see it has reached to the app so now we have to transfer the themes to the source file there is a cinfirmation box click ok now we will save the change click ok and save it then close and refresh for several times then open codeblocks go to settings->editor->syntax highlighting now you can see the dark themes😍 so a lot of dark themes thats it for today thank you so much for watching the video if this video provides you a least help please ,share,like ,comment and subscribe to my channel please checkout the next tutorials have a nice day.Good bye .