/How to install and set up Kodi on Android – 2016

How to install and set up Kodi on Android – 2016

Video: How to install and set up Kodi on Android – 2016


Morning guys so welcome back to the Andrew Williams Channel where we review the latest in apps technology and mobile phones. In this video i'm going to show you guys where to get Kodi from for your Android device and how to set it up. Now unlike most of the apps I show you guys how to install, Kodi is actually available from the Play Store. So the first thing you want to do is had over there. Now once you're in the Play Store quite simple search for Kodi and click on install. It's as simple as that.

OK so it says Kodi has been installed into our device so we're going to go ahead and open it. So what i just want you guys to do quickly is subscribe to my channel please and give this video a like and it will enable you to keep up to date when i release the next video on really how to delve into Kodi a bit further. OK so now we want to set Kodi up, quite easy go into your apps and open Kodi. Then let it do what its got to do. OK so after you've after you've had a little look at Kodi the first thing you want to do is go into the system settings. Within the system settings what we're actually going to do now is click on file manager and then add a source. Now in the top box what you want to add is http://fusion.tvaddons.ag/ and now what we want to do is give it a name. So click on the bottom box and I'd suggest starting it with a dot.

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Sp type in .fusion. Ok so now that was really easy so what i want you guys to do, is go back to the home screen. Ok now when your in the home screen what i want you to do is go to videos and then select add ons. Once your within the add ons section i need you to click on get more. It will come up with a first run help thing, just disregard that. Ok now we're in the get more bit it's going to load up all of the stuff that Kodi comes pre loaded with now at the very top they'll be two dots. Click on this, this means go up or go back so i want you to go back until you can see install from Zip file and we can see that at the top there. Ok to install from the Zip file click on it and then click on the .fusion which is what we created. Once you've done that click on start here and within that menu you'll see the hub wizard. Click on the hub wizard and thats going to install it from the Zip file, and it'll pop up in the bottom right when thats done.

And so the next step is to go back to the home screen, click on programs then click on program add ons and then click on the config wizard. Now after we've clicked on config wizard it'll load up various different types of operating systems and in this example we're going to click on Android because we're installing it on Android and then click yes. Ok so once you've clicked yes it's going to download so this is nice and simple just wait for it to do what it's got to do. OK so while waiting for it to do whats it got to do, don't worry i'm going to speed this up. Do us a favour guys click on that subscribe box below and like this video and leave a comment and it'll help you guys to be notified when i release my next video.

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So what it's doing at this point is it's going to download the whole thing and then it's going to extract the package, or the zip file. Ok so guys so we should now have a working Kodi with an add on and you can see that its changed slightly in appearance within the app. Now it's time to have a little look at Kodi. Ok so lets have a look. Go on videos and then click on velocity on here click on movies and what you can then do is click on whats popular at the moment. OK so whats popular at the moment is those films and in this example lets click on the avengers and let Kodi do it's thing it might take a few seconds so just bear with it. Ok so it'll then bring up a list of places of which you can watch the film. In this example i'll click on the top one, but you can see that you can get it in HD and 720p as well and wait for Kodi just to open that stream. Ok so we can see how this easy was and now Kodi is doing it's thing and playing the Avengers. I'm not going to play it for copyright purposes but thats how easy it was to stream one of the most popular films out at the minute.

Ok guys so firstly i just wan to say thank you to those of you who have subscribed to my videos, i can't tell you how much i appreciate it and without people subscribing and liking my videos i'm not going to be able to continue making more, but the way it's going i am going to be making more and i'm really really enjoying it. Big shout out to those who are following me. Huge shout out to you guys in the US who are now contributing most of my views and subscribers as well as the UK, Canada, Ireland, Philippines, Netherlands, Malaysia, India and many more. So just click that red block..red box below and subscribe to the Andrew Williams Channel, where we review the latest in Apps, Technology and mobile phones. Thanks again guys hope this has helped out, leave a comment below and we will see you in the next video.

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