/How to insert sim card into Huawei P30 Pro

How to insert sim card into Huawei P30 Pro

Video: How to insert sim card into Huawei P30 Pro


welcome everyone I'm Ricky from Tech Talk and this is the brand new Huawei p30 Pro and today I want to show you how to insert your SIM card and also a dual SIM card option talk about the Huawei nano memory that is available for this device as it doesn't use a standard micro SD so first of all before we begin let's power our device off you look down the right-hand side here there is the the power button and it does have a hint of red so you press and hold it's gonna bring up Google assistant but then press and hold again they should bring up the power so there is our power and your compare results from a sir so that will power off that's because Google system was talking we take a look at the bottom of our device this is where your jewel tray it's gonna be to take us into there should be one provided in your box I just got a very generic one here push down and then your trade will pop up to use fingernails if you've got a knee or just pull that tray out so pulling that tray out it's going to identify what's on this side it's gonna say SIM one on this side and if I turn it round the other way you're gonna get mmm which means nano memory can go in that side or you could put in a SIM card so like I said nano memory is available that is from Amazon UK and I will link in description there are two options there's 128 gigabyte or 256 gigabyte 128 gigabyte is roughly about 53 pounds to 55 pounds and the 256 is about hundred pounds so turning this back around we're going to insert sim one so both of them are nano size SIM cards and just follow the little diagram there so both gold plates are going to be facing up towards you as well that gives you a little hint what way they need to go well they will sort of clip in our little clips there as well just take your time to make sure they're all secure pinch it together if you want to when returning back to your device very simple and very easy make sure that's pushed all the way exit does have an IP rating you want to make sure it does stay absolutely watertight so power our device back on like I said that lamo memory is really good from Huawei and you can go and get it if you want to I'm waiting for an order to come through but seems to be taking a long time if you do have the p30 pro on the p30 let me know what you think down below are you enjoying your brand new device and it might come up with a menu if not it will have to go into menus and then look through our sims but as you can see here at the top here you've got two signal bars and you've got ie and Vodafone UK so you've got two signals as well so you know your signals obviously you're gonna get text messages come through that's what you're hearing now it's the same about your SIM card is inserted and just what is available on your plans both these have got data but the Vodafone UK one is one with minutes and text so I can set that one to just use minutes and texts or I can set the e just to use data so choices are there and you can choose which ones you want to use so if you go into settings here if we go into wireless and network and then if we go into mobile network which are not actually getting boots it does show my number so if you go into mobile network and I'm just covering this up as it has my number there you have different options that you can choose a change and adjust inside here depending on your options like I said so that makes it all possible to use your device with different networks so if you do travel abroad quite a lot like I do it's good to maybe have a network that is better abroad than what it is in the UK or you could use a network for that dedicated country if you do have any questions about this please drop the comment down below to be more than happy to help it's just a quick little basic video on the Huawei P 30 probe to showing you how to insert your SIM cards and this will be the same for the wipey 30 as well if you have any questions or queries please drop a comment down below as you know I'll be more than happy to help I do like to make these basic videos as some people do struggle just to put in a SIM card but that's okay I understand that thanks always watching please give this video a like and if you Tech Talk hit the subscribe button step baited with all of my latest videos coming that notification belt and you'll be updated even sooner from me Ricky I'll see you very soon bye for now.

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