/How to get your EMAILS in the INBOX and stay out of the SPAM folder

How to get your EMAILS in the INBOX and stay out of the SPAM folder

Video: How to get your EMAILS in the INBOX and stay out of the SPAM folder


hey Mike Brenhaug here the focus guy and today i want to share with you how to make sure your emails land in the inbox and not a spam folders to stay tuned you wouldn't put up with it if your postman delivered mail to the wrong mailbox with you of course not so why do you put up with it when it comes to emails you probably don't realize this but your internet service provider the ISPs they have an algorithm that they created so every time you hit Send on your email it they analyze your email and determine if it's spam or fish is not spam and legitimate should go in the inbox i'm going to share with you here a few tips on what you can do to improve the deliverability and the likelihood that your emails land and box and not to spam box so here we go number one draft an email that doesn't look like spam to the ice piece so what can you do there well first of all don't use deceptive or misleading information in the subject line and stay away from the fam trigger words a lot of people will try and use the capture somebody's attention because the subject line is what is most frequently viewed first in an email and we'll use spam trigger words like three or discount or coupon or successor make money something to capture somebody's attention when it's deceptive or misleading the ISPs yes what they've created this algorithm they're gonna pick that up and they're going to flag your emails likelihood that it's spam and it's going to go on the spam folder so avoid using deceptive or misleading subject line and avoid using the spam trigger outwards also in the body copy of your email make sure to include your contact information your name your address your email your phone number and certainly your website address the more information you have on there the ISPs will pick that up and they're going to look at it this is this is a legitimate email and should go in the inbox and not the spam folder so again avoid creating an email that looks like spam to the ISPs number to clean up your database you probably have a database of the email subscribers that is accumulated over time what happens is some of these email addresses become undeliverable and bounce back or you may have people that have reported you as spam what you haven't done a good job maintaining it every time you send a new email to this list that you're getting those bounce back the ISPs will pick that out and again more likely they're going to rate your email reputation or your IP address is one that is not a good emailer and more likely that they're going to send that over to the spam folder and not the inbox so clean up your database by removing the undeliverable the bad email addresses you havenít number three validate your subscribers you probably have on your website an opportunity for people that want to receive additional information from you or subscribe to your newsletter use the method that allows you to validate their email address if you're using an email service provider oftentimes will have built-in tools that allow you to use what they call it double opt-in yes this is an extra step but for those people that truly want your information it validates their email address so you want you know that it's good and it will also improve your email reputation because again the more bounce back you have or the more people to report you as spam you're destroying your email reputation and when you do send an email it's just going to go in the spam folder so validate your subscribers email addresses number for ask to be added to your recipients contact database when you send an email out they have an opportunity where they can add you to their contact database by doing that the next time you send an email out the ISPs will recognize that you've been added and as they improved contact and more likely your email will land in the in box number 5 don't buy a list and blacked out to it that is considered spam but more importantly for you when you do that because those purchase list are full of bad email addresses that will bounce back so here's what's gonna happen when you use that list and you send an email out to it you're gonna have a bunch of undeliverable and people reported you as spam this will be picked up by the ISPs which will flag your IP address is a bad ip1 that is noted as being a spammer so when you send out future emails more likely your email to land of the spam folder and not the inbox you don't want to have that reputation instead being a good marketer and use on your website an opportunity for people to legitimately subscribe to you people who want to follow you and use social media as well there's plenty of social media platforms to attract followers and be a good marketer and a good email her number six give recipients and easy way to opt-out of your emails somebody chooses no longer follow you make it easy for them guess what you don't want to waste your time trying to send people information that really don't want to follow your have no interest in your product or service to make it easy for my including an unsubscribe or an opt-out box or link at the bottom of your emails i recommend using ESP an email service provider because they have the functionality built into their service and certainly do not use or require your recipients to email you back with a reply saying unsubscribe in the subject line this is annoying and will create more reporting as spam flag on your email than anything else and destroying your email reputation to make it easy for your subscribers to unsubscribe number 7 monitor what others are doing on your behalf if you have a team of people managing your marketing campaign or marketing agency make sure that they're following the best email practices because if they're not your emails are just going to land in the family other and destroy your email reputation said you want to make sure you're paying a lot of money to make sure that your email get delivered to your prospects and customers make sure it lands in the inbox and that they're following best practices number 8 consider upgrading your ESP which is your email service provider you may not know this but your email service provider they use a shared IP address this IP address has its own reputation based upon the users that they have and the email experience so you can be doing all the right things following the best guidelines to make sure your email for being delivered but if they have another user on that same account or shared IP address that is falling poor practices that reputation become shared so consider upgrading your ESP what i would do is certainly have a conversation with your asp provider to find out what their guidelines and protocols are interfere anymore than 50,000 emails a month on a consistent basis definitely you want to consider upgrading to a dedicated IP address that is just yours to talk with your ESP provider they can certainly guide you on that but again you want to make sure that you're doing what you can to improve your email reputation that your emails landed and box number nine test your email before you send it there's a number of services out there that will allow you to send your email to the service that will analyze it and well tested to see if it's more likely to go in the inbox or the spam box and then you can correct it before you send it out to your recipients in fact down here in the video description below i've included a couple links to those services they're absolutely free and highly recommend testing your email before you send it number 10 don't be an annoying emailer I don't know what book is out there that has told people the apt to email multiple times a day in order to get somebody's attention order to convert business but it doesn't work think about if you receive an email from someone or from a company multiple times a day it's annoying what are you more likely to do while you're either going to report them as BAM or unsubscribe either way it defeats the entire purpose of you building a solid list where you can communicate with not only your prospect subscribers but your customers more effectively so they're actually going to read your information so don't be an annoying emailer instead use good practices and supplement your email efforts and communications with social media I guarantee most of your prospects customers and subscribers are also on from social media platform so you use those methods to your advantage so you can improve your email reputation and be an effective communicator and marketer with your subscribers if you like this video go ahead and like, share, and subscribe and just for you in the video description below I've included links to the email testing services and additional resources so the you can improve your email reputation and to make sure that your emails Land in the inbox and not to spam box have an awesome day.

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