/How to Get in app Purchases FREE 🌈🆓 | Use Lucky patcher 2020

How to Get in app Purchases FREE 🌈🆓 | Use Lucky patcher 2020

Video: How to Get in app Purchases FREE 🌈🆓 | Use Lucky patcher 2020


Hello my heroes, In today's guide you will get our new amazing app who allow you to buy in almost every app and game without actual pay. Note that the hack is not very simple so you have to watch the whole video. Before we get started if you want to get special hack and influence the new content of the channel you need to join our Telegram Global Channel! you can do it easily now or at the end of the video and now, it's time to start! First, for the example i will download “Hill climb racing” from google play. Now let's take a look on the normal game, as you can see it's just a normal clean game and you need to actually pay to get money and diamonds in there. now, to get started you need to download our app, just click on the link in the description.

the link will lead you into the subscribe Gate, this is the best time for you to subscribe and hit the bell to stay tuned! then download the file wait a sec and then install it… Next install Black Hecko, our improved version for lucky patcher, good to know that “Black Hecko” is also useful for many online apps. select “open” it's important to NEVER update the app, now you need to scroll to find the app you want from the list. choose the app and then “menu of patches”, click on the only one “create” button and now we have 6 options, the “APK Rebuilt” option will give you what you come for but the first option, the “Multi patch” can also disable the opportunity of ads to be shown. in the “multi patch” we choose the second and third option. Now you might need to press Next few time and then click OK. When the loading screen finish we will get overall indication. you can see Black Hecko try to edit 9 files and success on 6.

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from this screen “Go To file” is the best for you and then the second option “Uninstall and install”. in the finish of this process your app will be replaced on our improved version. Now we can open the app and try it for real, when you get into the store in the game you will instantly see the special prices look. choose any package and then in the special pop up just click yes. congratulations! you made it! This is a message from the game and we just got 80 million dollars. With this method we officially Save you hundred of dollars and give you the freedom to buy in any app with no worries. And as allways, we just saved your money. want to say thank you? you can support us back by choosing to invest 10$ on our amazing channel. support the channel will also give instantly access to our VOD App which includes all the new Netflix content, you will also get a special very powerful hack and you will get up to 3 hacking request every month that our team will work on it especially for you! .