/How to Get Free Internet on Your Phone Without Paying

How to Get Free Internet on Your Phone Without Paying

Video: How to Get Free Internet on Your Phone Without Paying


I love the internet. Me too. I am an interneting fool. I only have a certain internet allotment on my phone though. Yes, me too. Wah, wah.Mel: I wonder how I can get free phone on my internet without paying for it.Kel: I do think I know a way to do it however. Do tell Kel the magnificent. There is a company called Freedom Pop that is committed to offering free internet for all, That sounds fantastic oh wise one.

How does it work exactly? Well, essentially you have to have a cell phone. You sign up for a free mobile hotspot and can use that to get signed up on the internet. You essentially have a hotspot you can use anywhere where free wifi is available This sounds like an exceptional deal. Is there any catch to it? There does not seem to be any catch 22 to this deal fortunately, however not all locations may have this service available. You can put in your zip to see if your area qualifies. Well, you know I live in the sticks where the most exciting thing to do is watch the grass grow. Ha ha, well it is possible that you may not qualify. Darn, what else? Any other free internet possibilities? Another thing I heard about is using your computer to share data with your phone. You just get a cable to plug in and sign up you can create an ISP and get internet service for free. Use a service like no charge.com for straight dial up access.

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Oh wow, that sounds so great. Of course it is. And of course your brilliant friend turned you on to this. Yes, and how can I thank thee? Remember to send me an email on my birthday with your free internet..