/How to get Direct Download links of Movies | Without Torrent Or Any Adds in Hindi

How to get Direct Download links of Movies | Without Torrent Or Any Adds in Hindi

Video: How to get Direct Download links of Movies | Without Torrent Or Any Adds in Hindi


Hello Friends, I am Vicky and welcome to my channel Geeky Way Friends, a lot of time you may face problem that you have started downloading a file or movie on torrent but you didn't get good speed in that the reason behind this is that connection with seeders, peers are not that good which affect your downloading speed a lot So how good it is if you can direct download these things without any torrent file so in today's video I am going to explain you that how can you get direct download links of movies, apps, videos or any other thing like this so for doing this first of all open any browser in your phone of pc now here fill in the name of thing which you want to download in search box and after that writing file type of that thing is also better as right now I am going to fill a movie name "the wizard of oz" this is the name of movie and as holywood movie is in normally mkv format so that is why I have written mkv after that if you have anything else, instead of movie then fill the name of that thing and write the format of that thing also like mkv, if it is an application then exe or apk or mp4 for videos in this way you can write the format now after this paste it as it as which is I am pasting here in your search box now what will happen with this? it will give you direct index search I am going to show which type of result you will get by this as you can see I have searched here are too many results now from here you can click on any first 3 links as soon as I tap on the link I will go to the directory like this now here you need to browse your movie if here are too many movies then you can use feature like find in page so as I have filled wizard in search and here comes the direct reslult if there are a few results then you can directly browse or if there are too many then you can use find in page as I tap on it, here you can see the download option I can directly download from here I need not to go to any sites of any thing else like that so you can not only search movie like this but also do with any other thing like this you just need to fill the file name after that fill file type like exe, mkv or any other like this and after that just add this thing also in the search I will give the exact keyword in the discription you need to fill this keyword in your google search with file name and file type so that you can direct download through the results I hope that you liked the video and if you liked this video then hit LIKE and SHARE it with your friends and yes don't forget to SUBSCRIBE to my channel Thank You.

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