/How to get 5X5 pattern lock screen in any Android phone

How to get 5X5 pattern lock screen in any Android phone

Video: How to get 5X5 pattern lock screen in any Android phone


hey guys what's up so today I am with the new video and I'm gonna show you how can you get 4×4 or 5×5 dots pattern lockscreen in your any android phone so moving ahead, you can see my phone …I'm turning it on so my name is written ….Hi Vivek so let me turn it on so you can see here I have 5×5 pattern since I haven't not set 4×4 pattern I have just set 5×5 pattern in it so you can see my phone is now unlocked so for doing this you just need to be connected with your mobile data or with your Wi-Fi now I am connected with my Wi-Fi so then go to your Play Store after that on the search bar write Hi Locker hi locker, you can see it's there the app.

… so the first one which will come just click on it and then just install it I will also provie the link of the app in the description so it has started downloading now it is installing …okay it has been installed …then just open it it will open like this come on you have to write your name here if you don't want your name there then you can skip this, sorry my name is Vivek and so I'm writing it my name tap on next after that tap on 'Turn On "Notification Access" '….it will ask your permission and then find 'Hi Locker in the list and turn it on click on okay then then go back after that if the ads come, click on 'no thanks' turn on display pop-up window and then let's go ahead so you can see my display pop-up window is turned on now let's go back…… ok then click on OK a pop up will come click on OK again then start this Hi Locker please friends please follow whatever I am doing otherwise it will not work Then..

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..deny it if this pop-up comes okay if this developer option comes….go back and again click on OK then go to security option and select pattern and draw a pattern once and remember it sorry I don't want this pattern now go to password level and select Matrix 5×5 if you want 5×5 and click on OK then draw your pattern I'm drawing this one right now and go ahead click on back as soon as you will turn off your phone and then turn it on it will come good afternoon or hi your name and all everything…..the time is there , the weather is there, and the date is also there……the notifications are also there you can remove it as well then sorry see the other thing will come so you have to just click on this one I mean click and slide it straightly up don't do it here or there, straightly up the pattern will come and then draw your pattern which you had set Hey! my phone is unlocked and there is a 5×5 dots pattern in it so thank you friends for watching my video hope you liked this video please if you liked it then please hit the like button and subscribe my channel as well.