/How To Fix iPhone Sending Duplicate Text Messages!

How To Fix iPhone Sending Duplicate Text Messages!

Video: How To Fix iPhone Sending Duplicate Text Messages!


What's up everyone, my name is Ben and today I'll be guiding guys through and helping you out with a common issue, today I'll be showing you guys, how to fix your iPhone from sending duplicate text messages because this is an after a pretty common error or problem, with the newer iPhones, so many of users have been complaining or users on the other side have been complaining about receiving multiple of the same text messages and today I'll be showing you how to stop that, how to fix your iPhone from sending duplicate text messages. One of the main causes for this issue is iMessage. Many users have iMessage set to after they send an iMessage and if that it's not delivered successfully their phone will automatically send a text message and that is perfectly fine, but sometimes there's an error that occurs and what you need to do for this error of duplicate text messages being sent to stop from happening, is to go into settings, messages and turn off iMessage for a few minutes and then turn iMessage back on, that should help you solve the issue and get everything working back to normal, you should also check your send and receive addresses by going into settings, messages, iMessage and send and receive addresses.

Make sure that you only have one address set to for the sending address or possibly your number should be your main sending address and also do the same for your receiving address, only have either your number set, maybe your email, don't have multiple options set here, if only one person is complaining about receiving double text messages from you, they are possibly only suffering from a common issue called, ''you have repeat message notifications turned on''. What you need to do or the what-what the other person needs to do is go into settings, notification, messages and then turn off, repeat texts notifications. After you try all these three steps I almost guarantee that you will fix the issue of your phone sending double text messages, however, if you're suffering from the other error which is, that your phone is receiving double text message notifications please go to my channel or link in the description and check out my other video on how to fix that.

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