/How To Find Driver and Install for UNKNOWN DEVICE – ACPI\VPC2004\0

How To Find Driver and Install for UNKNOWN DEVICE – ACPI\VPC2004\0

Video: How To Find Driver and Install for UNKNOWN DEVICE – ACPI\VPC2004\0


Hi everyone, welcome to my channel. I gonna show you how to install driver of unknown device at this video. Let's get started. After formatting the computer, you can see an "unknown device" at device manager list. In that case, how do we install this driver without knowing it name. We should right click at "unknown device" and click "details" tab for learning it's name. Here it is, this value is identity of device. Now, we are copying this value with right click because we will search it at internet. I am closing the device manager and opening web browser. This problem is seen at lenovo computers generally.

Therefore, we should visit support.lenovo.com adress. I am pasting device identity in search box at the top of webpage and search it. I clicking the solution text from search results to see the driver name. The solution page is showing me that i have to download and run energy or power management application. We should write our computer model in this search box to find available driver. I am clicking driver and software menu at opened page. We should choose our operating system and processor base to download true driver. After choose necessary fields, the driver is seen. Click on text two times and click download button. After completed the download, i running setup file. We accept the agreement and click "next" button. Firstly, The installation will extract all needed file to the destination folder. It completed extraction process. I clicking "Next" button again to install extracted files. After completed installation, the computer need restart itself.

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I choose "No" because I want to show you the result. I am opening the device manager again and as you can see, there is no "unknown device" at list. We can delete setup file and its extracted files after installation completed. Thanks for watching. Please don't forget to like, comment and subscribe. Have a nice day..