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How To Farm Runes | Magic Rampage

Video: How To Farm Runes | Magic Rampage


What's up guys welcome to Magic Rampage and today I Finally decided to make a video about how to farm runes because a lot of you guys requested it in the last two months So yeah, let's get started First areas in which you can find rooms are the second and third survival mode those moments have one of the each Elements, but as the time goes, you'll find it tiring to constantly play only to get one of the each rune.

Most usually you'll need More than ten runes just for one good weapon So yeah, if you have nerves of steel, this is definitely to your way of farming runes Next we have dungeon 35 which is pretty hard. But at the end we can open up three chests for some nice runes After that, we have dungeon 34 which is best for farming fire runes The last stage of chapter 4 contains six runes, but the problem is that it's way too long and hard to beat If you don't have a good equipment, so I don't recommend it to you guys, who still have no good equipment so one of the best places to farm runes is to go 36 and find a secret area in the middle of the stage It will contain two light runes But if you go a bit back, you'll find a secret area that contains three random runes The situation is similar to dungeon 39, but there are less runes On the locked area, you'll find two random runes and in the secret area. You'll find one earth rune But if you go on the end of the map, you'll also find a chest that contains one more rune That's all guys like share and subscribe And if you have any better areas for farming runes, you should tell me down in the comments. Take care, and bye.

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