/How to Earn Free Bitcoins Automatically (Do Nothing)

How to Earn Free Bitcoins Automatically (Do Nothing)

Video: How to Earn Free Bitcoins Automatically (Do Nothing)


hello friends welcome back to another video in this video we are going to see how to earn you free bitcoins automatically for this we need to add this Google Chrome extension to your Google Chrome browser here I already did that and I already given a direct link in the description below now click on bit digger icon so that it will start mining free bitcoins automatically we can see here here we can select the priority of mining speed and if you selected high then your mission will work hard to end more bitcoins and here we can say this link to refer your friends and earn 20 percent of bitcoins the N and we can also withdraw bitcoins I will show it later on how to do make sure that do backup your bitcoins if you are installing this bigger extension from your Google Chrome browser keep on backup and save this code when you want to restore your bitcoins you can paste the code and that song this mining process will are continuously run when you are doing your own work but Google Chrome must be open it should not be closed this is how it will work if you want me to show how to withdraw bitcoins then do comment below so I'll make another video on that hope this videos will fill to you all thanks for watching friends hit that subscribe button and click on bell icon to get notified about my videos thanks.

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