/How to Download TutuApp iOS/Android ✅ How to Get TutuApp Vip For FREE

How to Download TutuApp iOS/Android ✅ How to Get TutuApp Vip For FREE

Video: How to Download TutuApp iOS/Android ✅ How to Get TutuApp Vip For FREE


tutuapp download ios tutuapp download 2019 how to download tutuapp iphone 2019 Hey guys, welcome back to the channel and today's video I'm going to show you how to get to to app on your iOS or Android devices for completely free in 2019 Now guys, this method is indeed using the installation method from my website as you will see later in this video But before I get started guys go down below drop a like comment, hashtag – to app download subscribe to my channel birth Notifications and make sure you watched the end of this video because you're gonna need to do you understand how to do this? Alright guys, once you go on to this thing right here else You want your phone right here your iOS or Android device.

It works for both. But anyway, you want go to go up hikes dokku /to to Up. I don't know if i'm saying right guys or not, but there's the link right there So make sure you type that in correctly. It's quite a long link this time, but I think C It is good that I Pike star cool 4/2 T up. I'll try to stop shaking seeing typing correctly But as you can imagine that is quite hard Okay guys, so once you type that then you want to click go or search or whatever Once you visit the Site is gonna ask you to download Configuration profile on iOS or ask you to download the apk on android as you can see This website is trying to download a configuration profile Do you want a like this just click a lot guys and then clues? My guys which one will do is go to settings on your device.

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That's gonna say profile and littered right here like I said You're not gonna see my OS version as me What you want to is if you can see this click on that if you can't go to general Go if you proof us in device management and click on to tee up Guys, once you see to tee off you want to click install and your phone password if you have them Next install install aren't dumb Ok, guys, you have no success li installed to tee up on your iOS or Android device Okay guys. So once you open this app, it's gonna say get started Welcome to tee up. Thank you for installing the app topic get started button book above to get a setup process You will only have to do this once to get the access to the to tee up for life We hope you enjoy using to tee up if if any issues using it traveling 30 minutes Riis on your device and then try again so guys what you want to do is just click gets right here the blue button on your screen and then that's gonna say Before you can use this app, we need to anything check the content and hit this step is required for all functionality They were probably to get started simply you press the start injection a button above ticket and we will walk you through the process so guys click start objection and once you do that, you're gonna give and verify but as you see that tools I'm guys want to do this You can reach this awesome screen right here As you can see the to tap iOS download so you guys want to do this? All you want to do is download to these apps below like this.

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So let's just go ahead and get started and Open in the app store aren't download Let's go back the Safari I'm done with the second one now guys, you may have completely different apps It compared to me depending on your area or where you're from, but I'm from the UK So you guys if you have if you from the UK? You might get similar apps or the same ones If you from somewhere else like America or Canada or somewhere like Japan I don't this anyone from Japan watching but guys if you're from Japan or something, you will have different offers as well as USA But in the guys once you open these apps you want to open them for 30 seconds each as you can see I've already open This one for roughly about 15 seconds But guys you have to open up for 30 seconds or longer or else it will not work. I don't know I can't stress this enough guys But you're all I don't want y'all completing down in the comments and making my videos look fake because you can't be arsed to wait for 30 seconds so make sure you do we have 30 seconds guys before you go ahead and try and make me out to be a nob and Like but anyway guys once you open these apps like I said any more guys You know what to do open up for 30 seconds Another said as you can see, I have very open this one for roughly long enough But anyway guys won't you do that? You want to relaunch to tee out and if you're do if you've done it correctly It's going to say confirmed on this screen and ban the – tonight was gonna be installed in your next available space So mines are there gonna be installed here here or down here somewhere.

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I don't know guys It just depends on how your device's feeling We're about to spawn the app But guys the app installation usually takes that by 30 minutes Sometimes 15 15 30 minutes guys depend on how fast your devices Compare depending on how fast your internet connection is on depending on how long you're on your apps for but anyway guys that is it for today's video on how to download to tee app on your iOS or Android device mostly iOS But anyway guys, I hope you enjoyed video If you did, please leave a like subscribe down below on comment down below hashtag to top down it I will see you all in the next video. Peace.