/How to download movies and shows from Netflix to your device

How to download movies and shows from Netflix to your device

Video: How to download movies and shows from Netflix to your device


hello and welcome to our video on how to download movies and shows from Netflix to your device maybe you're going to be traveling and need to keep your kids entertained maybe you have a limited internet plan maybe you want to catch up on your favorite shows while on the train or plane maybe you just don't have internet access at the specific moment you have time to watch some TV or whatever the reason is always good to know how to download content to your device for viewing later this can also be used as a Netflix hack let's say for example your account allows streaming for two persons at a time but you have two kids and they both want to watch something different well if you download the show from one of them you would still have streaming for yourself and your second kid without having to upgrade to a larger plan so to do this you will need the Netflix app since the browser won't allow it and it's available for PC, iOS and Android.

To get the app on a Windows 10 PC go to the Cortana app and type store once the store app opens you will likely see the Netflix app on the most popular or top free app selection click on it and then click where it says free after that you will need to sign in with your account if you haven't already and the download should start to install it on an Android device simply go to the Google Play Store and type Netflix on the search bar once you find it click on install and accept to install it on iOS go to the App Store and go to the search and type Netflix touch where it says get or if you have already downloaded previously then touch the little cloud with the arrow pointing down which indicates to download it from the cloud after you have installed it log into it with your Netflix credentials and go to the three bars on the top corner now look for available for download choose the video you will like and touch the little down arrow and it will start to download once it completes you will have a specified amount of time to watch it before it expires however you can renew it a couple times if needed there's a couple of settings inside of the Netflix app that I would like to show you first go to three lines from the top corner then scroll down to the bottom to where it says app settings the first settings name is video playback and these are the settings for streaming, the default is automatic but you can choose if you want to limit the App to streaming on Wi-Fi only, safe data leave it at maximum data the next one down are settings for the downloads and you can set it to download only videos on Wi-Fi or adjust the video quality to use more or less space depending on what you prefer, standard will save you some storage higher will give you more video resolution that is it for this video if you have any comments or questions please let us know in the comment section please like and share the video if you liked it and don't forget to subscribe for more videos.

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