/How To Download & Install Remix OS 2.0 on Windows – HDD/SSD/USB (2016)

How To Download & Install Remix OS 2.0 on Windows – HDD/SSD/USB (2016)

Video: How To Download & Install Remix OS 2.0 on Windows – HDD/SSD/USB (2016)


What's up youtube techsnix here and in this video i will be showing you how to install remix os onto your pc. So those who are not aware of remix os , let me tell you that it is an android based os with lots of new features. It is more powerful than android emulator and runs on android 5.1 so guys now let's get started with the process For this you require atleast 15-16gb free space on your pc to run it smoothly so after this open your browser and from here just go to this link from here click on download now once you are here then download the software according to your system. my system runs on 64 bit processor so i have already downloaded the 64 bit version you can either directly download it from the website or you can download it via torrent so once the download is completed then extract the files now go to start menu and search for partition now click on create and format hard disk partitions so now you have to shrink the volumes of one of your drives.

you can select any of the drive with atleast 16 gb free space now enter this size and click on shrink so once the drive is shrinked then click on unallocated space and from here click on new simple volume and now follow these steps now go to the extracted files and click on remix os installation from mhere select the hard disk option and choose the new drive that you have created after this select the downloaded iso file now click on ok and from here now wait for it to finish now click on reboot now and wait for the system to reboot so when your pc turns on you should know your boot menu key it may appear in the bottom of your screen when the pc turns on if it does not appear at the bottom of your screen then see the boot key for different laptops from the description now press the boot menu key and select remix from here select remix again wait for a minute or two go through the setup process and now remix os is successfully installed on your pc so guys that's it for this video i hope this video helped you & if this did then don't forget to press the thumbs up button below and subscribe to my channel Thank You!.

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