/How to disable ads in any game app in MIUI 10 [NO ROOT]

How to disable ads in any game app in MIUI 10 [NO ROOT]

Video: How to disable ads in any game app in MIUI 10 [NO ROOT]


hello guys in this video I will tell you how to disable ads for any game or application please stay notified that this method will work only on applications which do not require internet so I have this game the game is "Merge Plane" or you can use this for the game by Voodoo the name is paper.io 2 so for these games what you can do is in MIUI go to settings here is your settings menu and then go to installed apps in app settings in apps search for the app for which you want to disable the internet so I'm going to disable it for "Merge Plane" here it is you can see that there is an option for restrict data usage so I'm going to select it and then untick that means uncheck all of these options and then press ok as soon as I press ok the app can no longer access Internet so when I start the app "Merge Plane" you will see that it cannot use any of the internet so the advertisements cannot run if I try to use this advertisement feature for this freebie obviously it cannot load any video because it has no internet connection in the same manner you can disable internet for any application just make sure that the Internet is not required for the app like the games which require cloud access or internet access or any online games this trick won't work on that thank you for watching this video if you liked the video please press subscribe button thank you.

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