/How to Delete Gmail Account Permanently 2017

How to Delete Gmail Account Permanently 2017

Video: How to Delete Gmail Account Permanently 2017


i'm john and today I'm here to show you how to delete a gmail account permanently so let's get started first of all you have to open your internet browser open any browser you have and go to gmail.com this is the login page of gmail now enter your email ID which you want to delete now enter your password and click on sign in wait for a few seconds until its shows your inbox on the top right corner there is a circle which shows your profile click on it there is an option down below named as my account click on it the main aim of google is to maintain the user's privacy and Google always takes it very seriously here he will be given many different options to protect your account you can explore them but to delete your account you have to go to the sign-in and security option click on it you are in the sign-in and security option here is a list is given on the left side scroll it down and under account and preferences heading you can see an option delete your account or services click on it here you will will be given mainly two options, delete products and delete google account and data google serves many services to its users if you only want to delete products then click here and it will only delete the products but to delete account and data click here it will delete your account along with the data in it you're almost done now enter your password it is a security checkpoint that you are the real owner of this account after entering password click on sign in we are in now! you should read this first it says that Google products and services will no longer be available for you after the deleting of this account you will not be able to access any of its services and if you have used this account somewhere will become inaccessible from here you can download your data which is good if you have any important files on it if you still have any pending transactions then you are still responsible for that now click on these two check boxes as to agree with the terms and conditions you still have time to think about the consequences of deleting this account click on delete account to delete permanently it will take a few seconds to delete your account permanently it shows that you have successfully deleted this account if you think it was a mistake then you can still reactivate your account but within a short time by following simple steps let me show you entering the same email ID which I've just deleted see it says this account was deleted to reactivate your account then click on attempt to restore this account if you still face any problem then you can visit this site and that is gonetech.

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net here he will be given different tabs in gmail help tabs you will be having different topics which containe the issues and their respective solutions in this tab you can read about the things you can keep in mind before deleting your account and you can also read how to delete your gmail account permanently in easy steps that's all for now thanks for watching this video I hope this will help you if you like then please like share and comment below don't forget to subscribe.