/How to create You Tube Branding Watermark For You Tube Channel – कैसे आप ट्यूब वॉटरमार्क बनाते हैं

How to create You Tube Branding Watermark For You Tube Channel – कैसे आप ट्यूब वॉटरमार्क बनाते हैं

Video: How to create You Tube Branding Watermark For You Tube Channel – कैसे आप ट्यूब वॉटरमार्क बनाते हैं


As usual Hello, welcome All of you who came to my you tube channel I'm going to tell you today I'll show you my YouTube channel You have Youtube videos After uploading a videos to youtube We need to make this video out of the other video This is another secret I tell you this secret name That's the name Video watermark Let's see how it works Click on the profile of the channel Now we can see a page like this This is the video I am clicking on now Here's a video from my channel If somebody else downloads our video and uploads it to its channel He gets a copyright warning from YouTube soon You know, some of the channels are editing videos no matter how much we edit Immediately, the copyright message arrives Why is that? They have an original watermark tag for their videos You can also use this free feature that youtube has This watermark is very important This can use your name or anything Let's go through the video and see how we do it This is a special feature of youtube After the May system, no one can copy our videos This watermark will not be lost even if it is divided into video clips So there's no video for the promotion It's difficult for someone to upload to youtube This is a specially working system on youtube So I'm telling you how to do this special thing Come on up with me Now, I open up one of my videos See this is my video on my channel Again I click here on my channel Here is a page like this Look at this There you go down Click Crater Studio After clicking Now here's something like this We're telling this page the homepage Look, this is my video Look at this as I've been on this side There's a title here, Chanel I click on the channel So then A page like this is coming Let's see Entitled Match Channel There are a few divided topics Status and features UploaUpload branding and advanced Now we chose this branding Now I click on branding Now this is a page like this Let's get this in our channel Now we need to use a watermark Add a watermark here Now I'm pressing this Here are three pictures Look at the first picture In this case, we do not have pictures of normal photos, like watermarks There are two ways to draw pictures The picture looks good, but the brackground does not appear The second way Both the picture and the background are blurred This is what we call the TNG method So this is how you can make a PNG picture with a knife We don't post normal photos here So we put one of those right here The picterart app that most people use I've said before how to make a picture like this I'm going to the links below and go to see the video I'll do another video if you want I'm going to take a photo of my gallery here Here's a PNG file I found This is my choice I approved this There's also a lot of them here Look at the details here So, if you give them exactly what they are, it's still selets It's okay if this is okay I'll save this for now If not saved, we have to get the picture back Great one went right for me You can see this picture of me This is the picture you see on the inside That's pretty much the picture I diminished So this picture can be seen in the background Here's an original watermark for my video Now I'm saving it in my channel Now you can see this video This shows the background of my video This is the watermark shown Now my channel has a watermark on it Now this is added to all the videos Now no one can copy this video Now this mark is identified by youtube Now this is a sign on youtube If this is to copy this then Co-pat will definitely come This blue tab is shown Now I'm updating this to the channel After updating, we went back to the channel Let's go to the video manager Let's see if the watermark is right Let us play the video Like these videos we have a watermark Let's move on to the next video I will try and restart your 2 Now this is my personal watermark We know the benefits of using a watermark after h Our video can not copy anyone So this is good Used Video Editor app It doesn't make sense for us to watermark This is the very way After a while You see the watermark right here And here you can do one more from red on here Next video we'll put a red button on here This is my other channel This is the watermark that looks like this Look at this watermark You can see one red button next to it Let's get this arrow out of here Button is red Beautifully show subcribe Having a watermark is a great advantage All videos have a subscribe button No need to come to our main channel Look at this arrow This video can be accessed directly from the channel subscribe So that is a great benefit for us The advantage we have to put in the roof is So, then You make your channel this way Protect your video Make friends Make your own videos Put something like my video Send this video to your friends If you have any questions Write your opinion in the comments column If you're wasting your time, put a dislike I respect your opinion Thank you for watching this video Thank you for watching this video Thank you for watching this video Have a nice day .

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