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How to Create a Template Button in Notion

Video: How to Create a Template Button in Notion


Hello guys, welcome back to another video on today's video We're diving into how to create a template button inside of no shouldn't've we're going to be diving up to the laptop to show you how you can use it to apply to a morning routine I'm actually gonna be creating my first ever template button Which is gonna be quite exciting giving you a full overview of how to use it and that's all on today's video Ok guys so I've got my cup of tea ready I am ready for this feature this in front me of my new newer notions set up You can probably grasp what I've tried doing with it. Put it a little bit more simply in today's video We'll be explaining how to create a template button as well as demonstrating something that I wanted to create I've sort of had it in my head.

I've sort of been plotting it out I guess You many of you guys may have known that I used to have a not a morning tab But today tab the way I used to sort of have an area for today items like my checklist and things like that But it really is an expansion from that So I want to demonstrate how I would do this and sort of put it into action so you can get a like a real-life Demonstration I'll try and an hour edit out bits of me like sort of like screwing up But I think that's what good what's good about notion is that you can sort of screw up and rebuild So the template button is really really simple function inside of motion What I'm going to do is I'm actually going to create it in this one I'm going to call it a new page called morning.

So I would create block here. I'd call it morning What I want to do is add an icon of not cricket but sunny So I'm just going to click that one there So if I go into this one? what I'm gonna do to start off with is I'm going to press the slash button as you can see all the basic blocks come up and I believe the template button is in one of the advanced blocks or There we go. Template button So you can just type that in if you want to just template button and it will appear if I hit enter This configuration of the template appears and this is where it can get quite tricky for some people and what you can do is a lot of people and and I know David Pierce has this one is Use the template button just a press or create a new page or create a new entry or something like that but this in this demonstration I want to create a new page that has something in it already so that every time I'm creating a template of something, so here we are inside of the template mountain account You can see here that once a click in that short of shade goes away button titles so I'm going to put the button title as I think I've got over here as a Log entry, so I'm gonna have that as a log entry just so that I have a bit of a title I was working out how to put like today Whether I can put today on there and I don't know whether I can but I'm for this example.

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I'm actually to do that So it's going to hopefully come up today and we'll hopefully see Tomorrow whether it appears and I'll try and put a note in the comments whether it does so you can see down here These are the actual box that will be created when you press this template button You can drop blocks here. So I didn't actually know this but when you're actually creating this This element down here is I would just delete it and start again You can Create some down here. So for example if I was like okay each time. I want a table to be created You can drag this inside of there and that's literally how you could do it So essentially here if I wanted to I could create a table every time I did this Martin says just demonstrate this one because this is a good example If I close this button i'm like okay i'm gonna log in Through this one and press that if I click it a table should appear It's very simple so you can do that with anything. Really Let me just demonstrate it one more thing before we move on because again, it's good to really demonstrate it So the way to get back in is this cog in the right hand corner if I just delete this element here and go down Here and maybe i'll create like a Let's see.

What other elements are. Okay, let's let's go with a calendar in line All I have to do is drag up there and you can see what I mean if you want to if you really really did Want to and you wanted to add multiple elements say for example a sub header afterwards saying This is today. I don't know Then you could drag that just below it. So you can add multiple elements. Not just one part And of course if I go back if I click press that this is today appears and also the list for the Canada So I get a scratch all of these I'm gonna delete them all so we got a fresh page here So I'm going to create the one that I want to create is a morning log template So let's go in template button brilliant watch fly title it. Let's title it morning log, which I was gonna do it in a sec and Let's not. Yeah, let's pretty let's put a hashtag for numbered. I will add and then down below here I'm gonna press Delete on this one. I'm going to create a new page So a new page down here and I'm gonna what I'm gonna do on the page is put total it Morning log hashtag Then what I'm going to do is I'm gonna add a really simple structure to allow me to track my core focuses my core achievements of the day and Maybe what happened in the day, so that's three core areas.

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I want so here we go. So I'm gonna put our sub header I'm going to put three core Focuses. So these are the things I want to focus on during my day I'm gonna put a divider just below it to mean it up. Then I'm gonna put another sub header. I'm gonna put three achievements Is that spelt right? Probably butchered Apparently there's a posh Ian er a Frenchie See you let this is what's really gonna hold me up is the spelling I'm gonna put a divider below that too and Again, I'm going to I'm gonna get rid of that second dividers appeared. I'm going to get create another one called three things that happened With DOM, and it compared divider below that too now what I'm going to do is I'm going to move this one about so it's In line with this one so you can see here and I'm gonna put that divider down there I'm going to put three simple bullet points as plate place markers placeholders next do all of these so when I come on to this new template page it pretty much has everything ready for me here and I'm gonna do that one again You just have to play around with this page to what see it's you and naturally over time You're going to be adapting this and then I'm also gonna do the same here so bullet bullet and Three bullets.

So I've got a real basic structure. I can even add icons here. So I might put like a picture of a You could probably change the icon per day So I'm going to put a picture of a like a morning log sort of hand drawing there And I'm also going to add a cover in this in this demo actually going to upload one of the photos that I found the other week From unsplash so believe it's that one quite a nice morning entry. I think like quite beautiful scenic so I'm just gonna drag up to the There we go. So that appears And as you can see here, this is all ready to go I have pretty much my own morning log, really briefly created here. So if I click morning you'll see if I go back into the Lock so I've created now here. All I need to do is move up into there and Logically if I just changed the title to log entry Then a click close and a press log entry what should appear is a new page there So let's say I'm ready to go Okay, so I'm gonna log entry one and I'm gonna say well for folks is today is record Skillshare and this could be in the morning, you know plan Six month Anniversary for wedding. Oh You can see where I'm coming from but it's a great morning log sort of process This is something that I'm actually gonna be starting to use.

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So so be very helpful Imagine I am adding it for a second day in a row same icon appears Number two very very simple structure, but you've got yourself Automatic log and you can start adding these logs and that's just a really simple demonstration of it So hopefully you can go away with that one I'll be using over the next couple of weeks and probably need to delete these too and I'll be using it to experiment with it and maybe in a few weeks. I have a better idea of the template happens So you can use many of the advanced functions side there to really create your own template button And that's really how to take it above the norm. So guys. Hope you enjoyed this feature just another no actually if you wanted to you could create your own archive page really really simply by just typing archive and putting a box Like that Then once you create them and you start adding them and you want to necessarily be able to Drag them into that you can't it and then that you've create their own archive error, and we're really simple Hopefully it helps you let me know in the comments what you think join the notion going book on Skillshare the great to have you and Feel free to join the new Facebook group notion made simple. I know guys big.

Thank you, and I'll see you guys very soon.