/How to Convert SRT File to Text File

How to Convert SRT File to Text File

Video: How to Convert SRT File to Text File


In this video, I'm going to show you how you could convert a srt subtitle file into a text file without any software. So this srt file is a subtitle file that I'm just grabbing from YouTube. In Youtube, you could actually download your subtitle file, so I'm going to just go ahead and download that so I could show you how you could convert it and if I go to my desktop here, I have it right here. This is the captions file I just downloaded from YouTube.

If I try to open this, if I just try to open it with my software's that I have on my computer, it's only giving me some media options. That's not going to be a text file at all for my captions file, so in order to read it, there are some software is online that let you do this conversion, so if you google, srt to text you could do this online. But there's a super easy way to do it, and that is by just renaming this file to a txt file, so you could go ahead and Right-click or Control click on a Mac and just press rename or you could just press enter and you'll just have to replace the srt with txt. That's going to change it to a txt file just say use text instead of keeping SRT. And just by doing that, if I press spacebar here on a Mac, that's it. Look I got all the text files from my subtitle with the timecode.

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I'll just go ahead and open this text file with the text reader here. And this is all the subtitles that I have for that one video. So here you could do any edits that you want you could remove all the time codes if you just want the text. So basically I use this process to make sure I got the subtitles out of YouTube that are automatically generated, so I could use them in different platforms like my website. I hope this video helped you. Go ahead and give us a thumbs up if it did. If not, please leave us a comment and let us know what issues you had and hopefully we could solve your problem with the updated video and subscribe to this channel for a lot more how-to tech videos and other how to videos on variety of topics.

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