/How to Clean Up Background Adobe Photoshop Remove People – Remove People from Photos in Photoshop CC

How to Clean Up Background Adobe Photoshop Remove People – Remove People from Photos in Photoshop CC

Video: How to Clean Up Background Adobe Photoshop Remove People – Remove People from Photos in Photoshop CC


Hi I'm George Peirson and in this Photoshop clean up background video we'll be cleaning all these people out of the background in here and going from this image over to this image which I think is a lot more interesting. Really focuses in on the portrait, Now if you liked this video make sure you hit that Like button, and of course Share. Don't forget to Subscribe as well, and click that bell icon so you get notifications of any new videos going up. You can support my channel through Patreon and there's a Patreon link on my channel page, and take a look at my complete Photoshop training as well and there's a link for that right down there in the description. Okay let's get to it Here's the original photograph and if you want to work along with this there's a link to download this and also to get my finished Photoshop file, you find that link down there in the description.

The first thing we'll do here is to make a copy of the background layer just go ahead and drag it down to the new layer button there's our copy and then hide the original this is because we'll be actually working on this image right here and I don't want to damage my original so I have this as a safety backup ok we're on our copy later now we'll be using two main tools to do this clean up in here the first one is the content-aware fill and the second one is the clone stamp tool and we'll go back and forth with those I'll try the content-aware fill first and anywhere where that works out great we're fine anywhere where it doesn't work out so well we'll switch over to the clone stamp tool I'll start off here with the lasso tool and it's tends to work better if you do small sections at a time so let's take this little section right there and then edit fill and here's the content-aware fill it's right there if this is grayed out or you don't see it then you don't have your selection in you don't have a closed selection once I set choose okay let it figure it out and there we go and actually did a pretty bad job on that one so let's fix this section in here with a clone stamp tool instead clone stamp tool there we go it's a pretty small brush I'm gonna be using the right square bracket here make the brush a bit larger that's pretty good and the larger the brush the softer the edge if you're working with a soft brush and I have my hardest adhere at zero just come over here someplace hold the Alt key down click on that spot to select that and then move straight left and right on this reason I'm doing straight left and right from my spot is so that I keep my vertical perspective happening in here kind of our distance perspective okay put a little left and let's just do this a few times in here to get that working sometimes the content aware tool is great sometimes it has some issues so it's just a matter of you know choosing which one works out best at the time now you may need to come in here with the clone stamp and do some real small clone stamping like we're doing right there depending upon what you have in the image okay it's looking pretty good let's just do a bit more of this up here not sure why it didn't like that spot but there you go okay now cleaned that out let's now try this up here again we'll do the content-aware fill right in there let's just back out just a little bit click and drag to the left there we go easier to see how that fits into the picture now edit come down to fill content-aware it's still not working for some reason for me on this I'm not really sure why does want to do that so let's just go ahead and back to the clone stamp again sometimes you just have to do the clone stamp tool now it's a bit trickier up in here that's why I wanted to use the content-aware fill because that nice edge we have in the background so because of that we'll do the clone stamp I'll go a lot smaller this time and let's just kind of edge up into this will get that content-aware fill to work here for us at one of these spots okay we're still on our clone stamp somebody's head right here so I'll come up into the bushes hold the Alt key down and click and then I'll bring that down so because I'm using a small brush and a soft edge economy mcc's the softness of that area up there okay now let's go ahead and we'll try the content-aware fill again right in here edit fill content-aware fill I'm gonna uncheck colored adaptations if you get any better results a little better right there and then just deselect that it's still not great but it's better so do this a couple more times the reason I like this is it tend to be a bit more random then using the clone stamp tool and that can help to make a better and less noticeable fill-in here okay now we have things working a bit nicer fill hand content-aware field that's pretty good okay now we're now we're cooking alright just continue on and the content we're filling just these little little jumps like this will then go back and clean up the edge any edge cleaner that has to be done using the clone stamp tool okay up against an edge here I'll do a clone stamp here we have some duplication showing in there let's take care that with the clone stamp as well so come right over here right against this line alt and click and just pull that straight over and use that to clean those out and then alt and click let's just get that one cleaned out right there let's get rid of this thing in here over that is a kind of sign of the background I'll use this with a few little short clone stamp moves in here so it comes in real random and doesn't look like it's been copied let's now draw this stuff on the left hand side hold the spacebar down then just pull your picture over like that this is a good spot right over here for the clone stamp tool so let's come right in here someplace and actually have some green bushes I'll come over in here somewhere I'll click on that line and match the line right there and then that's just paid out that person okay that looks good again hold the spacebar down let's now take care of these two people in here no there's a problem here because they're right in behind our foreground figure so this takes a little bit more work although not too much we'll just zoom in like that nice and tight and I'll switch over here to the polygonal lasso tool now make a selection out here right along the edge of our foreground figure right where the pixels are changing from the foreground to the background if it needs any cleanup we can do that after we do our clone stamp in here so it's like that and then come way out there we are and then finish up back down there at a beginning section reason I won't weigh out is I want to keep my clone stamp inside of the selections I don't have any problems showing that edge in there okay hold the spacebar down and let's grab our clone stamp again now right head is right there kind of right in against there it is right in against that line so I'm going to grab a line over here alt and click and this get her head cleaned out first there we are you know come over here somewhere alt click and let's get the body cleaned out and stay away from the edges okay and then deselect has a little bit of a dark edge showing in there we can take care of that and just paint that out so let's grab our color picker in here and just grab some color right there right next to that spot that's fine grab the paintbrush and then I'll use the left square bracket bring the paintbrush way down so I just have that background color in there and just a little bit of a paint right in here to kind of knock down that dark halo that we're seeing right in there that's good okay do the exact same thing up here with these two people in the background so back to the polygonal lasso tool again come out quite a ways and make a nice careful selection right along that edge where you see the changing here the pixels changing from foreground to background and then way out further and then way outside like that and then back into your beginning spot back to our clone stamp get some Bush right here alt click and let's just quickly do that and then here kind of a dark area so I'll just grab it up here somewhere and pull that in that takes care of that and a little bit right there let's move the picture over to the left just a bit that's the spacebar and I'll grab some of this stuff right in here I'll click right there and let's just match up that line and paint that out okay select deselect let's go back to fit screen looks pretty good I think we're OK on that it's a little bit kind of bumpy and I see this it's got a little bit bumpy let's take care of that I think we can just quickly do a fast clone stamp just across from those above so I'll come right down below here and a click and just kind of knock off a little bit of that bumpiness that I'm seeing in there may be accurate I don't know but I'm not really happy with that okay that's fine back to fit screen left side is done let's now do the right side same exact trick we'll try the content-aware fill first if it doesn't work then we'll switch over to the clone stamp tool so I'll edit and come down to actually need to make our selection first have to do the selection there we go I'll just do that and then edit fill content-aware fill choose okay pretty good but it's still copy the piece back into here actually copy from right there and put it over here so it's not really doing a perfect job on this spot so let's just switch over to the clone stamp tool let's make our size a lot bigger to make the match as clean as possible that's pretty good alt click and then just come in and paint them out we'll do this in just a few moves as you can see in here there we go and do the same thing over here to the right hand side little bit of a mess up there we'll take care of that in a bit so just kind of working in and you make your initial selection and work left to right now up here it's a little bit tricky because we're getting up against that tree line again so that takes a bit of special work hold the spacebar down now I think we can get this with just using a smaller brush so let's square bracket there we go oh I'm click and I think that that's far enough away from our figure that we can manage that one in yep looks like we're okay so it really is just a matter of being careful in here to make this work out welcome back to these figures right there in just a bit and we'll clean this up in just a bit but first let's take care of this problem back in here and because these figures are pretty evenly spaced and there's not a whole lot of left and right area to copy we can't really do that standard trick it's not a very good spot for the content aware fill which as you've seen works sometimes and doesn't work other times so this time I'll just copy down here clone stamp and this paint this right up against that edge and then just fake that edge in now works here because the brush at this size the softness of the edge of the brush is very close to the softness that's already there on that line so there's the bottom part and fixed let's just knock that off all right add it over here and a little bit right there that will help and then let's go ahead and come in here and then work down and get the top part done so I'm copying the top stuff down and the bottom stuff up and that allows us to do a pretty good clean on this one little thing I need to fix that's this duplication right in there so let's grab from someplace else to put a bit right here and that solves that okay that's all nice and clean spacebar let's now fix this and that well still use the clone stamp tool and I'll choose a spot right there right in the middle of that X shape on the fence right there I'll click now pull that over here and match that up with the fence on the other side and then just paint in right from that location and that should give us a nice clean up just a little touch-up right there I'll kind of miss that one little control Z undo that okay that's good same thing on the right hand side I'll come over here let's just grab this one right there right in the middle I'll click pull it over here to match the fence up and then use that to clean up that other bit okay there we go let's take a look at this see how we've done fit screen alright backgrounds all nice and cleaned out there's a little bit of stuff for people back in here and that's fine I'll leave them and I just didn't want them on the beach itself let's now select out our foreground figure so we can darken down the background and make us a more striking image you'll also force the attention onto the foreground figure now for this we'll go up to the Select menu and come down to select and mask now I like working with this with our top tool here first right there this is the standard quick selection tool this come in here and begin painting right into the figure let me get those sunglasses as well and let's just move along and let Photoshop figure out what should be in and what shouldn't be and it's pretty good with this tool especially if you have a nice separation like we do in here between our foreground and our background and that's a pretty good match in there but we're missing the hair up here there's a problem right in here and a little bit right down there between the body and the arm so to clean up some of these things let's come down to the next tool down here this is your refine edge brush tool and mine is that 73 and it's on the plus which adds into the mask and that looks pretty good and all this paint in here and well that Photoshop do whatever it does and figure out that edge now not always perfect luckily in our case it's not that critical because we're putting her right back on top of herself so all I want is just have a reasonably okay it's a little bit off that's not gonna really cause us any problems in this instance okay that's not so good right they don't need to clean that up this tools not doing a good job for that shoulder everything else is looking ok a little messy right back in here as well so let's fix those on the layer mask so let's take this and come down here output to new layer with layer mask choose ok and there it is there's a layer mask we can see some of those spots in there this is mostly here I'm not gonna worry about that that little bit we can clean that up and then the layer mask is right here on the layer mask look for that white outline black hides white shows foreground background is just fine here's our brush and it's pretty small I'll use the right square bracket to increase the brush size in here that's pretty good and that's black and just kind of clean up some of this little stuff right in along the edge right there maybe a little bit of this stuff up in here that should be okay now on the shoulder a little a little bit hard to see that I switch to white and I'm just gonna come right in along that edge right there you know she look at that shoulder looking pretty good if it goes a little bit dark on the very edge that's fine it will look very natural anyway okay hold the space bar down and I'm still clear down it's a little bit soft on the edge beginning where are you putting her right back on top of herself so that's going to help this out yes missing just a bit right there okay that's fine spacebar and let's get this little bit right down in here for this I'm going to go to the polygonal lasso tool and this just make a nice little selection right along this edge and is take your time with this tool if you click too fast is going to collapse the selection you'll have to start over again so breathe deeply relax and then just make a nice little selection with this tool you doing a click and then you pull it and Photoshop fills in the line you can come outside if you want to that's fine and then back to our beginning point there's our selection back to our tool this is gonna be a hide so let's switch back to black and then just paint that in there looks good spacebar and see that anything else is a problem in here a little bit of a problem right there we need to have the arm showing a bit better so back to you white and then you're on the right layer mask and that should be fine let's go ahead and get this back out to fit on screen there we go okay looking good enough I bring the background back in again does everything fills in nicely in here because again she's right on top of herself so anything we're missing on that will be just fine now we need to darken the background down and we'll do that by clicking on our background copy this is the fixed layer in here and let's put an adjustment layer right above that layer so go up to layer come down to new adjustment layer and levels right here leave this unchecked choose okay now in this one black will see the same that's fine white is fine just take your middle control here the middle values move that to the right hand side to get a nice darkening in there somewhere like that you know real dork if you want to and kind of up to where you want to go I'll put in quite a ways so it looks like we have some vignette inked a panini outside edge now you may or may not get this it depends upon your original photograph if you don't have that and you can add that vignette again using camera just another I'll show you that in just a second so let's just take it just a little bit further looks good there we go so if you don't have your vignettes say that that's not showing for you you can add vignetting in I'm going up here to filter and come down to lens correction right here bring this one up and you want this on custom right there and in lens correction custom right down here you have vignette and you can add in a darkening vignette right there now let's cancel that okay so now see how we did let's take our background layer make a duplicate of this drag it down here to the new layer button pull that on top of everything else there it is and hide the background again so there's the original and there is our cleaned up version original and cleaned up so there you go that's how to clean up a background this gives a lot of clone stamp work and then a little bit of work here just to give this nice effect on this by darkling the background down by separating our figure out onto a new layer at this point you can go back in and take a look at your clone stamping I spend a little more time run around in here and get written this lightness in there but just little tweaks at that point again that's down here on your background copy I'm gonna show you just a little bit of that back to our clone stamp tool make a much larger brush size pretty good and then all clicking just a little bit of stuff in here to help blend that in a little bit better once you have a bit done you can increase your brush size some more there we go and alt and then just pull that in okay I think we're looking pretty good now up in that area much better match okay there you go that's how to clean out people out of a background and improve your image by darkening it down a little bit to help pull focus into your foreground subject now if you enjoyed this video make sure you hit that like button and click on share as well and subscribe you can help support my channel through patreon there's a link for that right on the channel page and take a look up my complete training for a Photoshop and there's a link right down there in the description [Music] you you.

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