/How To Change Your Lock Screen on Windows 8.1

How To Change Your Lock Screen on Windows 8.1

Video: How To Change Your Lock Screen on Windows 8.1


Hi, this is Sam from Compupil. For this video we are going to learn how to change our Windows 8.1 lock background. Start typing PC settings Click that. Check we have Lock Screen Options highlighted. it'll give us a preview of our lock screen right now and some previous images that we've used. If you want to change it to something new you can go to Browse. will take you directly to your pictures folder you can change the folder up here. We're going to use a picture from our pictures folder. Just select it. Click Choose Image. Now it is changed.

Windows 8.1 also comes with the option of using a slideshow as your lockscreen. Just come down here. Turn slideshow on we have the option to play it when on battery power we have that selected. You choose where your pictures come from for me I have my pictures coming from the pictures folder. Now when we lock the computer, it,s gonna play our slideshow for us. If you have any questions about changing your lock screen background leave a comment below and thanks for watching.

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