/How to Change Macbook Pro Background 2016

How to Change Macbook Pro Background 2016

Video: How to Change Macbook Pro Background 2016


Hey everyone this is Mike today like to show you how to change your background on your MacBook Pro and there's a couple quick Tricks need to know so what I want to do is first find the picture I want to use and this is just off my personal files or you can if you happen to have one online or something grab that too so what I'm gonna do grab one of my photos and I'm actually gonna drag it down into my photo app sources photos air then let go and it should show up right here so let's go ahead and I'm just gonna click out of their minimize that ok next thing you want to do is come down to System Preferences once you open that up we're gonna go to desktop screensavers ok so right off the bat you're going to see some folders right here is actually showing the Apple ones right off the bat so you do have the ones you can choose from them right here and you also have solid colors if you just want to do a solid background but i wanna do is I'm gonna go to photos moments and I'm gonna do is scroll all the way down to the very bottom and all I need to do is click on the picture I just put in the photos album and then just exit out and intellectually saved that picture now now here's a tip is you gotta make sure you put whatever picture you want to save into that photos album because if you don't do that and you just say clicked on a picture and external hard drive right click and save as Desktop Background gonna lose that desktop background picture when you restart your computer so as long as the pictures in your photos album down below then it will actually save on there so when you restart appear next time you should have your custom picture on there so anyways I hope this helped you out and if it did definitely hit that like button down below and subscribe I got a lot of great videos coming up in the very near future and you have yourself a great day.

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