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How To Change Facebook Profile Into A Business Page

Video: How To Change Facebook Profile Into A Business Page


– Need to know how to change a Facebook personal profile into a business page? It can be a great way to have a brand new business page that already has a bunch of followers. In this video I'll show you how to do it step-by-step, as well as the one major thing to watch out for if you're considering doing this, all right? Let's get into it. (upbeat music) – Hey busy people! Welcome to five minute social media. If you've had any struggles with your social media marketing, don't know where to start, you're putting in way more effort than the results that you're getting, you're in a great place. Every week we put out a quick video to help you with a different piece of your social media marketing strategy.

If that sounds like something you could use take a second, hit subscribe, click that bell (bell ringing) and that way you'll be notified each week when we release another helpful video. My name is Jerry Potter. Yes, rhymes with the boy wizard and today we're talking about how to change a Facebook personal profile into a business page. It's a pretty slick process. It was setup so that people who had profiles as business pages could then convert them, but it's also a great way to start a business page with a bunch of people already on it. You've got a personal profile and you got 1,500 friends, and you convert it to a business profile. All of a sudden you have 1,500 likes and followers on your brand new business page. Sounds like a no brainer, right? It's a lot easier than building a brand new business page with 1,500 likes from scratch but, here's one thing to consider. Are the people on your Facebook personal page all potential clients? Are they all people you might actually work with at some point? If they're not and you end up with 1,500 likes on your business page and only 150 of them care at all about what your business posts, that's actually going to backfire on you, because Facebook's algorithm will see that as, oh most of their audience doesn't like their content.

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So, if your in sales and you sell something that everybody might need eventually, like you're a real estate broker. This can be a great tool, but, if you're a lot more niche than that, you may not want your mom and your high school friends necessarily as likes on your business page. You'd be better off having a business page with only 100 people that wanted to be there, than the 1,500 or whatever that you got off of your personal page. The next question that comes up is, well what happens to my personal page then? Do I just lose it? Let me show you as we go step-by-step through the process. To start, once you're logged into your Facebook personal profile, you're gonna wanna go to Facebook.com/pages/create/migrate I know I said that really fast, but the clickable version of this link is in the description of this video. So, you're gonna go ahead and click get started. You can only do this once by the way, so make sure you want to do this. It'll ask you to chose a category for your business page. You can chose up to three of them, whatever you want.

Whatever you chose first will be the one that's mainly listed on your page. Hit next. Next, you wanna chose which people you want to keep both on your profile and as people who have liked or followed your new page. By default, they're all selected. Then, we hit next. Any content you wanna copy to your page, you would select it here. This profile has none, but if you had certain content, you could copy it to your new business page. It would not have the comments, likes, or views though. Hit next again, gives you a summary of everything that you did, and then you hit create page. Then you go check your muffins in the oven, because it takes a few seconds, but pretty quickly, it comes up with a preview of your page. Your cover photo automatically transfers. Your profile photo automatically transfers. You can see here at the top it says still creating your page. They're adding the content and all of that.

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So, everything will move over. So, once you get here your page is here, but you see this blue bar at the top. Your new page is ready. Preview and publish your page. You've got a publish button here. There's another one over on the left in green. So, your page is not visible yet. So, if you want to go through, and create a username right here on the left. Change your profile picture. Change your cover photo. If you've never had a business page before, your business page menu is up here where you've got your page, your inbox, notifications, settings, and then right here, this is a special menu item that will only be there, I think it's for fourteen days. It's about a couple weeks. So, you click on that. It's profile to page tools, and it will take you through different steps to help set up your page. Once it's all ready, you can hit publish wherever you happen to see publish page, and then it will be live.

Meanwhile, if I go back up here, and click on the link to the personal profile, the personal page is still here. Congrats on your new business page. You might want to make sure that it's optimized for profit, assuming that you're running a business or optimized for engagement. Whatever it is, I'm gonna recommend our free 5 minute Facebook facelift. Grab that right now. It's a free download. The link to get it is in the description of this video. All right, thank you so much for watching. If this was helpful consider giving this video a like. Hit subscribe. You're not only supporting me, but also my two tiny super hero's at home..