so this is a custom launcher I've just installed on my 4k firestick now compared to the default launcher we can see it has no big Amazon advert along the top there's no banner ad valorem normal sponsored content and it just looks so much nicer than the standard Amazon launcher now did do a video on this last year but some of you had three different issues with our video firstly the video required you to have access to a computer to issue some commands and unfortunately not all of you have access to a computer to do that secondly the video required you to type in some commands and again some of you are comfortable doing that some of you had issues typing the commands in because it is very easy to make a mistake and thirdly which is probably the main one that particular video was using the launcher hijack apk now what amazon have done on some of their devices is eventually blocked that package name that package name that ends in launcher hijacks so if you try and run that apk which has the package name ending in launcher hijack you'll actually get a message saying this apk or this package is blocked on your device now to address those three concerns in this video today I'm gonna be showing you a brand new method which number one doesn't need a computer number two doesn't require you to have in any manual commands and thirdly uses a modified apk which doesn't have launcher hijacked in the package name to get around that Amazon block coming up right after this if you need to the channel and you want to stay up to date with the latest tech tutorials the latest for snake Android and Android TV tips and tricks then please do subscribe to the notification barrel it's a small click from you but it makes a big difference to me thank you okay so to begin this process first we're going to download the launcher hijack with the modified name we're then going to download a custom launcher in my example I'm going to use a TV launcher but you can use any launch that you like how launch are you guys launch are any launcher you can find on the Android Play Store you can use that as your custom launcher once you've got those two Falls or two apk is downloaded and installed we're then going to use our Android phone using an application called ADB remote show to make a connection onto our fire stick and then issue two commands to actually update the default launcher on to the custom one so let's do that now step one let's open up downloader go to my website which is checked off to UK comm four slash downloads' when you get there if you scroll down to and under feisty tools utilities we have the launcher hijack name mode so it's instead of hijack at the end of the package name the modified one has h IJ ACL so instead of the care you have an L and this is just to get around the block that Amazon have done because they'll block the package name ending in hijack so we're going to use a different name to get around that block so let's get this apk now let's click on that and let's scroll down and click on the green download button ok so once you've downloaded that you can install that which I just do now very quickly let's click on install ok that's now done let's click on done let's go back again so now that we've installed the launcher hijack we now need to install a custom launcher so as previously mentioned in my example if you scroll down I'm using the ATV launcher but you can try some of these other ones and see whichever one works best for you but in this example let's get ATV launcher let's click on that click on the green download button and install that once you've installed that you now press the HOME key and we can see we have ATV launcher installed and we also have the launcher hijack with the modified name now if you try and start the launcher hijack you get this message saying that the accessibility service is disabled because we still need to type in the two adb commands which allow us to intercept as soon as we press the home button this will now go to the custom launcher instead of the default launcher so for now let's click on close go back out of this okay so before we enter in this adb commands we need to find out the IP address of our fire stick now the way we do that is figure over to settings go over to my fight TV and inside about and we can see the IP address for my fire stick is 192.

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168.0.1 81 so check this on your device whichever device you're doing on whether it's a fire stick or fight TV or fire TV cube find the IP address for your device go back out of this and inside developer options and make sure you've got both these options set as on so you have this option which is ADB debugging which has to be on because this allows you to interface with your fire stick using command line and that's exactly what we're going to be doing in just second and have this option setters on which allow you to install applications outside the official Amazon app stores so make sure these two things are set to on ice press the HOME key and we're now going to go over to an Android device you can do this on an Android phone or Android tablet and we're going to install another application okay so again on my own droid phone I'm going to open up a browser and we need to navigate to my website which is once again tap doctor UK comm when you get to the site click on the hamburger menu and let's go over to downloads once you get to the downloads page you to scroll down and under first ik tools and utilities we're looking for the remote adb APK so this application will allow you to use adb on your android device and talk to and connect to other devices using adb so let's click on that now and press the green download button so this will download the APK directly onto your device as soon as you've got that let's open that up and click on install so once again this is the remote adb show let's give that a second to install ok that's not on let's click on open now when you start the application this is where you now have to enter in your IP address of your Amazon device whichever device you want to talk to over adb now in our case we saw my IP address was 181 which i've already typed in let's now click on connect now before I click on connect this is the key part where when you do make this connection you'll get a prompt on your device your Phi stick or your fire TV and you'll basically ask you that do you actually allow this application this warmer application to make a connection over ADB because for security reasons it's not going to be allowed by default so you have to accept that connection now if you don't accept that connection you'll get an error here the other thing to mention is if you don't get any prompt this is not going to work and I've had this issue before where you don't get the prompt now the fix for that is if you go back to the adb debugging options inside settings and developer tools if you basically switch off adb debugging and switching back on that she don't fix up that problem let's try that now let's click on connect there's a prompt guys so do you allow this prompt coming in we say ok and there we have it guys so now we have a shell prompt here and anything are typing now we'll be talking to my fire stick over ADB now in case you're wondering that TD UK said this process does not require any commands what we do well it doesn't require you to type in any commands because we can actually copy and paste those commands from our websites so when I said you don't have any commands in I was actually being serious now the way we can get the commands is if we go back over to my website let's open that up again now in the hamburger menu if you click on Tips & Tricks scroll down and the tip here where it says change default launched on Amazon for a stick fire TV let's click on that we can now see the text-based instructions for this process if you scroll down now under step a we actually have both of the adb commands that we need for this process so we need to do now is just copy and paste as come on so let's copy the first one let's double click that let's make sure all of its highlighted so the command starts setting and ends in a CC serve so let's click on copy let's go back to ramai a DB let's now paste in that first commands let's just use this to paste it a text editing let's click on paste get us to come on there let's take out the space at the end okay so that's the first command let's put that in okay see that straightaway has launched the launch hijack for us which is a good sign now before we continue you need to enter in the second command so let's go back to my website now the second command is a lot smaller so or a lot shorter so let's double click that let's copy that out and the second command again begins with settings and it ends with the number 1 we're copying that let's go back to remote adb let's now also paste that in so text editing let's click on paste take out the extra spaces and let's now click on OK ok that's now going through so as long as you don't see any any errors or any kind of like warning messages on ADB sure you are pretty much good to go let's put the phone down now let's grab the remote control and we can now select whichever launcher we want now in my example I already had a TV launcher installed and how launcher but whichever launching you choose to install you'll see in the list here so for us let's go for a TV launcher let's click on that do you want to set your launch to a TV let's click on OK and this is it now this is the moment of truth now when I press the HOME key the launcher hijack should intercept that command as launched a custom launcher instead of the default launcher so let's see if that works ready steady bang and there we have it guys we've now launched our custom launcher which we can see just looks really nice it's highly customizable so for example I can go over to settings by pressing the context key I can say I want to uninstall something so now you can directly uninstall applications right from this home screen how can also go into the launcher settings go to wallpapers I can now choose a wallpaper so let's go to internal storage where to download some wallpapers before let's go to download ah ok let's go for this neon highway which I was like let's click on that now we can see that's now updated the wallpaper we can also customize the size of these tiles so if you go back into the context key go to launcher settings now if you go to applications now here for example you can select the column count so let's click on that first now on my screen we can see I'm using the eight column count but maybe on your screen you have a different size wanted to help maybe a monitor is not as big you customized that down you can turn that down we can now see we have less columns and each of these stars is a lot bigger so maybe you prefer it like that let's go back out of this and we can see now everything looks a lot bigger but you may prefer it like this but me personally I like to go back into the lodging settings go into applications and increase the column count let's pro back to 8 ok that's now done the other thing you can customize the border radius so if I click on that now if I go to the left we can see each of the borders of the applications now is square the more you go to the right we can see they get soft like a rounded off so depending on how you like it again you can customize that as much as you like now a key things here guys if I now press the HOME key we can see that we still stay inside the custom launcher but we know on an Amazon device if you press and hold the home key you first to see the shortcut menu where you can put the device to sleep go straight into your settings or enable display mirroring now on this custom launcher or any custom launcher if you press and hold the home key we can see we don't get that menu so how do we get to that menu so there is another shortcut you can get to that menu and the way it works is you press and hold down the context key keep that pressed and then you the HOME key for a second it is a little bit fiddly but as soon as you have it mastered it's very very easy to do so I'm going to demonstrate it now and hope I can get it right first time so you press and hold the context key now I'm gonna press the HOME key for one second one let go and there we have it guys that's hiking it back to the normal menu and access the apps your car the sleep function the display mirroring and back to normal settings so let's do that one more time so press and hold the context key don't let go and press home for just one second keep it pressed for one second only so one let go yeah so one last time so keep this pressed press home key and let go and there we have it and this I can also go back to the launcher hijack menu if you want to change your launcher so if I go back into it now so let's say we want to undo what we did and put the normal launcher back well figure it to the hamburger menu in the top right let's click on that and take the option where it says hard system apps this will show you all of the launchers including the default launcher on your device let's click on that now and this here is the default launcher guys so if you could select this click on ok so now when I press the HOME key is going to use the TV launcher instead now if you were to completely remove the two custom commands that we typed in go back to my website copy the to undo commands open up from our adb on your Android device pacers in and now basically undo this entire process what we've done today but I personally think this launcher looks really nice and it's a great way you can customize your device and get it looking exactly how you like it that's all for this video guys many thanks for watching if you did find this video useful then do give me a thumbs up if you want to see more stuff like this then do subscribe hit the notification bell as always I always appreciate your likes your shares your comments so do let me know what you think leave me a comment below and I'll hopefully catch up with you guys real soon thanks.

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