/HOW to Beat Granny \u0026 Grandpa? | Don’t try these TRICKS! – Granny Chapter 2

HOW to Beat Granny \u0026 Grandpa? | Don’t try these TRICKS! – Granny Chapter 2

Video: HOW to Beat Granny \u0026 Grandpa? | Don’t try these TRICKS! – Granny Chapter 2


Hey guys today we're gonna be playing granny chapter 2 so I have my friend Justin here. So Play. Ok easy, and both Ok let's do this "This is just easy mode" CCTV (Screaming) We must play practice first before doing this. Go there, go to that door. You can go down here there's like stuff in it, there's like.Oh there's the boat, don't go to the water! I saw it on DanTDM'S video so that's a boat, that's one way to get out. I need a padlock key okay let's go find some stuff upstairs, you need to go up, yeah we're going up man. Want to turn on the lights, No We're doing this dark mode.

It's not even scary we played "Slendrina"before. You can see, you can trap granny there. No! Oh no Oh no "there there hide hide" If granny gets in, go uh… (voice stuttering) Ok so it's day three and let's go ahead and do this again. Do you wanna play or im gonna play? You gonna let me play? There? Umm Yeah(5x) Good(3x). This is where the good part! Under the bed under the bed You can out, you sure? Yeah… See? "maybe he's not their anymore" check(3x) check this side check this side. This is a good run guys, if Grandpa saw us we're just gonna hide in this locker Maybe you can drop it to the trap and then you can close granny in I don't know. Oof no no no. We're just hiding guys.

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"Did she hear us" yeah She's gone "let her go away first" Ok we're going out. Oh that's a wrench, i thought that was a key. Im scared to go out no no no it's gone, she's gone, check. Go ahead, open open. What's that what's that? Oh that's… Close close close Umm Just hide I need a safe key. Go crouch crouch, crouch position. Ok it's time to go out i think. Nope. Nope. Nope Ok we're brave you know, we're savages. "Granny's coming" "She's gonna get me" "We're supposed to go out" Get the wrench, we need it for something, i think. And we need to find the shock gun, i think it's called a shock gun? Why did we do that She's gone, yeah yeah yeah yeah go go go freak freak freak freak, no no no Grandpa's coming. Like we're not even moving we're just… We're just… Waiting to..

. Oh he's asleep. Go go go Go we need to find a gun, like a saw it on a video "there?" Yeah yeah yeah go, what the heck was that… You want me to play? "after this, im gonna play Mobile Legends." "Where do we go?" Oh my gosh, "what do we do" Where do we go, upstairs? I see you, Grandpa What the… oh it's a glitch. The wrench is right there. Run for your life! Run run "just go around" Hey Grandpa, what's up man You know guys, you know guys, this is the final night we're just gonna… We're bloody yeah we're bloody, we're just gonna, im just gonna win this. First we're gonna check this, if this, oh there's no key. I thought it's gonna be different, i guess not.

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Going up again, where's the upstairs. So im not scared anymore, let's just go in We're just gonna go find keys find everything we need. Going upstairs, Granny is in here? Is Granny in here? Granney? Oh No! kitchen. Ok we're Dead. Thank you guys for watching see you next time, Bye..