/How to Activate WhatsApp Video Calling feature!

How to Activate WhatsApp Video Calling feature!

Video: How to Activate WhatsApp Video Calling feature!


Whatsup Guys RAJ here. and welcome to a brain new video on the channel. and today videos i'm going to show you How you can get the whatsapp video calling feature, On you Android phone. Right now. so whatsapp finally introduce video calling feature in there latest whatsapp beta apk. so how you get this feature. let's get start. so first of all update your whatsapp. This is my PlayStore Whatsapp Remember Play store version of whats app won't work as of now. SO Now go back.

and Install this APK. you can get link of this whatsapp in the description once the apk is download install it Install it Install Blocked Turn on unkonw sources Go back and again Install it ooops! if you get this message. go back and uninstall playstore version. Before installing take a full backup of your whatsapp Now Drag and Uninstall it. Now go back and Install it again. Enter you number and and Verify it. now open the any chat conversation and hit on the phone icon. and you will see two option Audio call and Video call. hit on the video call. and you will get the screen. so guys this feature is work only latest beta apk. and video calling feature not activated on playstore version. share this whatsapp with your friends and relatives and enjoy the wahatsapp video calling featue. Hopfully guyz you enjoy this video. if you like this video be sure a give big thumbs and subsribe my channel. and always thanks for watching.

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